Logic Pro X for Windows 10/11/8/7

Are you looking for a comprehensive audio editing software program to record and mix on Windows? Look no further, Logic Pro X is the perfect solution. It’s the most popular studio software for Mac users, but now you can download Logic Pro X on Windows PC as well. Here, we’ll show you how to download Logic Pro X onto your device and give you some alternatives if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

Logic Pro X for Windows

Technical Specifications

NameLogic Pro X for PC
Supported PC VersionWindows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac
SecurityChecked using VirusTotal
File Size102 MB
DeveloperApple Inc.

About Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X for PC is a digital audio workstation (DAW) developed by Apple Inc. for editing and producing music, audio, and MIDI-based compositions. It includes several built-in virtual instruments, such as drum machines and synthesizers, as well as loops, samples, and plug-ins for sound design.

Logic Pro X on Windows supports multi-track recording of up to 32 tracks simultaneously with extensive mixing tools, including EQs, compressors, reverb delays, saturation effects, tape simulations mastering tools, etc.

The software also provides options for creating sampled instruments from existing recordings or scratch with powerful automation capabilities which allows you to automate various parameters over time.

Additionally, it features Flex Time and Pitch Shifting technologies, making it easy to manipulate tempo or pitch quickly with precision adjustments if needed.

Download Logic Pro X on Windows

Downloading Logic Pro X on Windows is a complex process since the software is made for macOS. But worry not, we will break it down for you, so it becomes really easy to download Logic Pro X on your Windows device. Just follow these steps carefully to download the software on your computer successfully.

Step 1: Download macOS High Sierra on Windows

• Download macOS High Sierra on your Windows device.

• You’ll easily find many links to download macOS High Sierra online.

• Extract the zip file after it has been downloaded with the software of choice.

Step 2: Set up VirtualBox

• To set up VirtualBox, the first step is to enable virtualization in the PC BIOS.

• Then, download and install the latest version of VirtualBox from its official website.

• Follow on-screen instructions to finish setting up VirtualBox.

Step 3: Carefully follow these steps to set up VirtualBox Settings

• Now you’ve to set up a VirtualBox environment.

• You should select the “Create a Machine” option in the VirtualBox software.

• After selecting this, choose the option to make a “New” one and then select MacOS 10. 13 High Sierra 64-bit as the version and type in an appropriate name for it.

• You’ll be asked to choose the RAM for your virtual machine, with 4 GB being recommended.

• A virtual hard disk file should be used for the hard disk.

• The dialogue box will then pop up on the screen. Click “Add,” select macOS High Sierra, and then select “Create.”

• Setting up the virtual environment requires patience, as the process may take a while.

• Once this is complete, select the number of processors.

• Final step involves opening CMD and typing in these commands to finish the setup.

• Type “machine name” instead of your machine name.

• Once all steps have been completed correctly, MacOS will begin to install on the device.

• Follow the on-screen instructions and finish setting up accordingly.

Step 4: Download Logic Pro X

• To download Logic Pro X, go to the app store on the Windows virtual machine.

• Search for Logic Pro X and click on the download option.

• Wait until the app is downloaded. Once done, you can now use Logic Pro X on Windows.

Features of Logic Pro X on PC

Logic Pro X is an incredibly powerful tool for editing and recording audio on your PC. With its intuitive user interface, it’s easy to get started quickly and begin creating amazing music.

Here are some of the top features of Logic Pro X that make it a great choice for anyone looking to take their music production to the next level:

Multi-Track Recording

Logic Pro X offers multi-track recording capabilities, allowing you to create complex recordings with multiple instruments or vocal tracks. You can easily record and edit each track separately, making it easy to create intricate mixes with layered sounds.

This feature also helps if you make any mistakes while recording; you can re-record individual tracks without starting from scratch.

Professional Mixing Tools

Logic Pro X includes a variety of professional mixing tools so you can ensure your songs sound crisp and balanced when played back. You can use various equalizers, compressors, filters, and other effects to customize how your tracks will sound when played back in the final mix.

Plus, Logic Pro X makes it easy to apply these effects with simple drag-and-drop commands.

Audio Editing Features

With Logic Pro X’s audio editing capabilities, you can easily tweak the timing of vocal and instrumental parts or adjust the pitch of a particular instrument or vocal track in real-time.

It also lets you correct any mistakes during recordings by allowing manual adjustments and automated processes like time stretching or pitch shifting. 

Automation Tools

Logic Pro X offers advanced automation tools so you can have total control over your mixes as they progress throughout different stages of production and playback through different speakers or devices.

Whether you’re changing volumes or adding subtle effects like fades in and out at key points of your song – automation helps give the perfect dynamic balance no matter where the track is being heard from!

Alternatives for Logic Pro X on Windows

Pro Tools

Pro Tools for Windows is a professional-grade music and audio production platform that provides ample possibilities to create superior-sounding content. It boasts powerful recording, editing, and mixing options. Pro Tools also has advanced punch-in/out capabilities, automated vocal pitch correction functionality, and tempo maps.

Pro Tools enables professionals across the music industry to craft their dreams into reality through its vast range of features. What’s more? Its collaboration tools allow producers worldwide to collaborate on projects simultaneously – making it your one-stop solution for creating polished audio masterpieces!


Cubase is a powerful audio workstation developed by Steinberg, a renowned German music software and hardware company. This sophisticated DAW features an array of professional-grade tools to record, edit, mix, and master tracks with ease.

Its impressive arsenal also includes specialized functions for composing different genres of music such as hip-hop, EDM classical jazz pop, etc., while facilitating dynamic mixes & precision mastering capabilities in Windows platforms.

CubStudio One

CubStudio One is an innovative Windows software package that makes it easy for users to create professional-grade multimedia creations. Its robust features enable its users to effortlessly develop videos, music, presentations, graphic designs, and more with a single application.

It allows them to produce stunning motion graphics in real-time and manipulate audio on their projects via timeline control —all while having the ability to collaborate remotely through desktop sharing.

CubStudio One simplifies creativity by providing a user-friendly interface combined with powerful tools and extensive libraries of content at one’s fingertips!

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a widely-used digital audio workstation that provides musicians and music producers with an intuitive platform to record and produce. You can compose pieces for instruments, create loops and samples, mix tracks, and more.

It stands out among other DAWs in its versatility – enabling users to experiment easily with different sounds while boasting an array of effects and tools that help individuals craft professional recordings.

Furthermore, it can conveniently connect to midi hardware controllers or external plug-ins/ VSTs.

FAQs about Logic Pro X for Windows

Can you use Logic Pro X for live performances?

Yes, Logic Pro X can be used for live performances, with its live performance features like multi-track recording, loop recording, and real-time quantization.

Is Logic Pro X on PC free?

No, Logic Pro X is not free. It can be purchased from the Mac App Store for $199.99.

Can you use third-party plugins in Logic Pro X on PC?

Yes, Logic Pro X supports third-party Audio Unit (AU) plugins, which can be used to add additional instruments, effects, and sound design tools to the software.

Does Logic Pro X for Windows support virtual instruments?

Yes, Logic Pro X has a large collection of built-in virtual instruments, including synths, drums, and percussion instruments. It also supports third-party virtual instrument plugins in the Audio Unit format.


Logic Pro X for PC is an incredibly powerful digital audio workstation that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering tracks. Its built-in virtual instruments and third-party Audio Unit plugins are versatile enough to create music in virtually any genre.

Logic Pro X also has advanced features like multi-track recording, looping capabilities, and real-time quantization – making it ideal for live performances as well!

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