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Are you a video editor looking for powerful editing software that doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than iMovie for PC. This versatile and user-friendly platform can help turn your videos from drab to fab with minimal effort and cost.

It’s perfect for both professional editors as well as hobbyists who want to edit their own footage in an easy and affordable way. Read on to find out how you can get started downloading iMovie today – it only takes a few minutes!

iMovie For Windows

Technical Specifications

NameiMovie for PC
Supported PC VersionWindows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac
CategoryPhoto and Video
SecurityChecked using VirusTotal
File Size600 MB
DeveloperApple Inc.

About iMovie

Transform your home videos into video masterpieces with iMovie! This intuitive and user-friendly program gives you all the tools needed to unleash your creativity, including access to professional soundtracks, special effects, and easy-to-use editing capabilities. Experience effortless storytelling by putting together personal projects featuring photos and music of your own choosing!

iMovie for PC makes it easy to create great-looking movies in a matter of minutes. You don’t need any prior experience with video editing software as iMovie is designed to be intuitively used by beginners.

iMovie includes various templates and themes that allow you to quickly create your own movie with just a few clicks of the mouse. Its built-in library allows you to easily search through the iMovie media files, making it simple to find the exact shot or clip you are looking for without manually searching through your entire hard drive.

The iMovie interface is clean and straightforward – even those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy should be able to learn how the program works quickly. Once you have chosen your media files (e.g., photos or videos), iMovie provides an extensive array of tools allowing you to make basic edits such as trimming clips, adding transitions between scenes, or adjusting color balance.

For more advanced workflows, iMovie also offers an impressive array of features such as titles, green screen capabilities, picture-in-picture overlays, audio mixing options, stabilization effects, and more!

How to download iMovie on Windows

Got a Windows device but want to edit movies like Mac users? No sweat, we’re here to make it simple. Just follow our easy steps and you’ll have the power of iMovie on your Windows PC in no time!

Step 1: Download macOS High Sierra on Windows

• You need to download macOS High Sierra on your Windows PC.

• Various links are available online to facilitate the downloading process. 

• After downloading, the zip file should be extracted with a suitable software program.

Step 2: Set up VirtualBox

• To set up VirtualBox, you must enable virtualization in your PC BIOS.

• The latest version of VirtualBox can be downloaded and installed from its official website.

• Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process for VirtualBox.

Step 3: Follow these steps very carefully to set up VirtualBox Settings

• Set up the VirtualBox setting by selecting the “Create a Machine” option.

• Then, choose MacOS 10.13 High Sierra 64-bit as the version and provide an appropriate name for it. 

• It is recommended that 4 GB of RAM be allocated for the virtual machine, with a virtual hard disk file being used for its hard disk.

• Click “Add” and select macOS High Sierra in order to initiate the process of setting up a virtual environment.

• This process may take some time, after which you have to select the number of processors desired.

• Now, enter these commands into CMD in order to finish the setup.

• Type in your machine name instead of the generic “machine name” when prompted.

• MacOS will begin to install on the device once all the above steps have been completed correctly. 

• Now, follow any on-screen instructions to set up accordingly for a successful installation.

Step 4: Download iMovie for Windows

• You can now download iMovie by going to the app store on the Windows virtual machine.

• Search for iMovie and click on the download option. 

• After downloading, you can now use iMovie on your Windows device.

Features of iMovie on Windows

Quick and Easy Video Editing

iMovie for Windows makes it simple to quickly edit clips, add transitions, titles, and effects to bring your movies to life. You can even create unique-looking videos with slow-motion, time-lapse, and freeze-frame options.

4K Video Support

iMovie for Windows offers 4K support to take advantage of the latest technology when creating high-quality videos. With this feature, you can easily produce stunningly sharp images on any monitor or device.

Audio Editing

iMovie for PC allows users to edit audio tracks in their videos with built-in tools like equalizer, noise reduction, pitch shifting, and more. You can also add background music from the library or any other track from your computer to make your video sound better than ever before!

Enhanced Picture in Picture

This feature enables you to create an impressive split screen and picture-in-picture effect within a few clicks without complex editing workflows. It’s easy to combine multiple clips into one frame and give your movie a professional touch with this amazing feature!

Transition Effects

With iMovie for Windows, you can choose from over 20 different transition styles including wipes, fades, dissolves, and more! These transitions help make your movie look polished and professionally produced by allowing smooth transitions between shots and scenes!

Multi-camera Editing

iMovie on Windows supports up to 16 different cameras at once which makes it perfect for multi-camera productions like interviews or live events. This feature is great if you want to capture multiple angles of a scene at once or mix footage from multiple cameras together in the same timeline!

Sharing Tools

Once your masterpiece is finished, iMovie makes it easy to share with anyone worldwide via social media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo with just a couple of clicks! You can also export directly as HD videos optimized for playback on any device or platform making sure everyone will see your work in its best form!

iMovie Alternatives for Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the leading video editing software applications designed specifically for Windows users. It has a range of advanced editing tools, such as motion tracking, color grading, multi-cam editing, audio track mixing, and more.

Plus, it’s compatible with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications like After Effects and Lightroom Classic so you can easily transfer your content between programs. 

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable and feature-packed video editor that’s easy to use yet still gives you full control over your projects. It provides professional tools like chroma key, picture-in-picture effects, and drag-and-drop controls that make creating stunning videos quick and easy.


With PowerDirector, you get access to some powerful tools that will help you quickly produce amazing videos in 4K UHD resolution with smooth transitions and impressive soundtracks. The user interface is straightforward to use even for beginners so you can start creating professional results in no time at all! 

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor offers an array of features including real-time timeline preview with thumbnails, making it easier than ever before to ensure your project is progressing just as planned while also being able to quickly review what content needs adjustments or fine-tuning later down the line in post-production workflows.

This program also supports tons of different file formats making it easier than ever before to take existing content into new projects while also providing the ability to share finished products directly on popular social media sites or upload them via cloud storage options like Dropbox or Google Drive! 

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite has everything you need to produce high-quality movies with over 200 special effects and transitions available, plus text titles, animations, motion graphics, filters, stickers, etc! It’s easy enough for any beginner but also contains powerful editing tools for experienced editors – its intuitive user interface makes creating polished results simple too!

And when your video is ready, export it in various formats, upload it straight from the app or even burn a DVD copy if needed – all with just one click!

FAQs for iMovie on Windows

Can you add music to iMovie on PC?

Yes, you can add music to iMovie on Windows. You can access the built-in music library of iMovie for Windows or add your own music tracks. You can also use a third-party program such as iTunes to drag and drop songs directly into the iMovie timeline.

Can iMovie Windows app edit 4K video?

Yes, iMovie for Windows is capable of editing 4K video content. This feature allows you to create high-quality videos with stunning visuals. You can also use the powerful editing tools available on iMovie for PC to add effects and transitions, adjust colors, and more.

Does iMovie support multi-camera editing?

Yes, iMovie for PC supports multi-camera editing, allowing you to switch between different camera angles during the editing process. You can easily use multiple cameras to create a dynamic and engaging video project with iMovie.

Does iMovie have a green screen feature?

Yes, iMovie on Windows has a green screen feature that allows you to replace the background with another video or image. You can further enhance the green screen effect by adjusting color saturation, brightness, and contrast.

Can you use iMovie for professional video editing?

iMovie on PC is a consumer-level video editing software and may not have all the advanced features that professional video editors need, but it is suitable for basic video editing projects. It is an easy-to-use program with many tools and features to create a professional-looking video.


iMovie for PC is a great tool to have in your video-editing arsenal. It’s user-friendly and has some really great features that make it worth the download. Even though it’s not directly available for Windows, we have shown how to run this app on Windows. Some great alternatives give you similar results.

We hope this guide was helpful in showing you how to get iMovie on your Windows computer. If you run into any issues during the process, let us know in the comments and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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