11+ Games Like 2048 but Bigger and Better

When the 2048 game first came about in 2014, it caused quite a frenzy. People couldn’t get enough of this addicting game and took to Twitter to express their excitement – or in some cases, frustration! Players were captivated by its minimalistic design and couldn’t help but look out for different variants.

After playing all sorts of variations and clones, we were able to identify some of the best alternatives out there. Here’s a look at these fun games like 2048!

Top 11 Games like 2048

1. Dotsup

Dotsup is a brain-teasing puzzle game that will have you thinking outside the box. Instead of the classic 4×4 square grid, this game offers up unique layouts and a specific objective to complete.

Rather than numbers, you’ll see boxes with dots that can be merged together to form a tile with the aggregate of its components. Your mission is to reach the goal with minimal time wasted. If you’ve played 2048, you’ll adore this game even more!

Platform: Android

2. Shoot n Merge

A distinctive take on bubble shooting and 2048, ‘Shoot n Merge’ is sure to surprise you. Fire numbers at a descending grid, and if the adjacent tiles share the same value they’ll join forces and create a bigger number tile.

The goal? Reach a 2048 tile before the grid drops too low. An interesting twist here is that tiles merge in two directions, providing a great opportunity to maximize your points.

Platform: Android, iOS

3. Age of 2048

Age of 2048 is a unique twist on the popular game that yields exciting results. With its redesigned layout, it immerses players in the world of civilization.

The objective is to construct an entire city, beginning with merging fire elements to make a tribal hut, followed by merging huts to form a tribe, and finally creating a burgeoning village. Combining enjoyable gameplay with a sprinkling of history, Age of 2048 is definitely worth trying!

Platform: Android, iOS

4. Dead 2048

The Zombies have arrived, and the only way to protect your farm is by building a towering fortress with the help of the Tower Building 2048 amalgamation. You must carefully swipe and merge defense towers on the 16 blocks to form an impenetrable barrier, preventing any of the undead from entering.

With limited supplies and resources, you must carefully create your defensive line or else risk the Zombies overwhelming you. In the event of an attack, drop a tower on top of them to take them out!

Platform: Android, iOS

5. Impossible Nine

Do you consider yourself a pro if you can reach double-digits on the classic 2048 game? Well, get ready to test your skills on Impossible Nine! This 5×4 arena game requires more than just luck.

Three tiles with the same value must be side by side to upgrade to higher numbers. You can move individual tiles to their desired spot if the path’s clear. Stacking higher-value tiles and merging smaller ones are key strategies for a high score!

Platform: Android

6. Kitty Cat Island

Welcome to Kitty Cat Island, where the cats are living their best life. Here, they are able to feast on freshly caught fish thanks to a fun game of 2048.

The goal is to reach the maximum number of fish caught by merging tiles below them. But this isn’t your average 2048 clone; Kitty Cat Island offers extra features like a net to clear useless tiles, a fishing rod to remove stuck tiles, and an inversion tool to switch tile positions.

Platform: Android

7. 2048 Hexagon

Take your puzzle-solving skills to the next level with the 2048 Hexagon! This game follows the same rules as the classic version, but on a hexagonal board instead of a square grid. Instead of swiping tiles, you must drag and drop each set of matching ones into place.

At first glance it may appear easy, yet quickly become complex. Challenge yourself to beat the highest score and spend hours in the process!

Platform: Android

8. 2048 Bricks

The immensely popular game 2048 Bricks is the perfect combination of Tetris and traditional puzzle-solving. Instead of the traditional tetromino blocks, players must use a square tile that drops to the bottom of the board.

The goal is to merge similarly valued tiles until one has reached the magical number 2048! This game is both fast-paced and strategic, as players must quickly clear out space before the tiles reach the top.

Platform: Android, iOS

9. 2048 3D

If you’re brave enough to take on 2048 3D, be warned: it’s not for the lighthearted or easily discouraged. With a 3x3x3 arena, this game takes the classic premise and puts a new spin on it.

To progress, you must use two fingers to rotate the cube and one finger to move the blocks. It’s incredibly challenging, so don’t be surprised if your brain feels like it’s been put through the wringer after a few rounds!

Platform: Android, iOS

10. 2048 CrossLine

Do you ever feel like Math and Geometry are not useful in everyday life? Try out 2048 CrossLine and see if it changes your mind. Rather than the same gameplay as the original, this game presents a line that contains an assortment of balls with varied values.

When two adjacent balls touch each other, they can merge. To progress in the game, you must make a cut on the line and reorder the balls in an organized formation. The trick is that the balls located at obtuse angles will move first and then the other balls follow.

Platform: Android, iOS

11. 2048 Solitaire

Revamped, the classic game of Solitaire has been given a modern spin in the form of 2048 Solitaire. Instead of regular playing cards, numbered tiles must be placed into one of four decks to create sums. When two identical values are combined, they merge and add to your final score.

Unlike the original Solitaire, this version does not follow a specific order – any tile can be placed atop any deck. As the tiles accumulate, the game grows tougher and more engrossing!

Platform: Android, iOS

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