11+ Games Like 1942 [2023]

Set in the backdrop of World War II, 1942 by Capcom is a Vertical-scrolling Shoot ‘em up video game. The protagonist takes control of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter and aims to annihilate the Japanese air fleet by making it to Tokyo. The player has to dodge enemy fire with deft maneuvers such as rolls and vertical loops.

The game awards power-ups to equip your plane with auxiliary fighters in a formation. Each level is laced with enemy hordes, and the end has boss battles waiting ahead. Galaga-esque gameplay, Old-Classic Graphics, and smooth Controls are the major highlights of this classic title.

If you like retro games, 1942 is an absolute must-try! But if you have already completed all the chapters and are looking for something new, these games like 1942 are sure to entertain you!

Games Like 1942

Top 11 Games Like 1942

1. Dimension Drive

Dimension Drive

Dimension Drive is an arcade, top-down shooter video game with sci-fi elements, developed and published by 2Awesome Studio. Players will experience intense space combat in a single-player or multiplayer mode.

The game takes place in a space environment where the player must battle two battlefields simultaneously, switching between screens to dodge enemy fire and unlock hidden areas.

The player can also team up with up to 11 other players in co-op mode for a full-on assault. As the player progresses through the game they’ll collect power-ups and weapons while commanding their ship from a top-down perspective, destroying every enemy they come across.

Gameplay also incorporates drift drive, allowing the player to effortlessly dodge bullets. Dimension Drive offers 13 levels, online leaderboards, and more advanced gameplay features.

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems

2. Jets’n’Guns Gold

Jets n Guns Gold

Jets’n’Guns Gold developed and released by Rake in Grass, is an Action-packed, Single-player Retro-style Shoot ’em-up video game available on multiple platforms.

Players take on the role of a protagonist set out on a daring mission to protect the world from the menacing forces of over 270 distinct monsters across a whopping 43 levels.

With 70 types of powerful blasts and the ability to manipulate the environment from a side-scroll viewpoint, you can blow away your adversaries and score points.

As you progress, more stages become open for exploration. Plus, with 20 unique devices at your disposal, upgrade your spacecraft! Jets’n’Guns Gold offers Superior Graphics, an exhilarating Soundtrack, plus more!

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

3. Shooty Skies

Shooty Skies

Shooty Skies is an action-packed, shoot ”’em-up video game created and published by Mighty Games for various platforms. Players have the opportunity to select from more than two hundred daring pilots who must defeat enemies’ planes and make their way through twenty challenging terrains.

With a voxel-based twist that varies in intensity from scouty to screamy, gamers explore their environment from a top-down perspective.

By completing missions, they will receive bonuses and unlock achievements. Power-ups can also be used to upgrade the plane and its weapons for improved performance as the game progresses.

Platform: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS

4. Sky Force

Sky Force

Sky Force is a thrilling 2D Top-down Shooting action game developed and published by Infinite Dreams Inc. It offers three distinct ships for the player to select from and embark on an epic quest to annihilate all enemies in eight astonishing levels. The player can utilize explosive weapons, power-ups, and unlockables to annihilate foes while earning points.

As a hero, the player must protect the Earth from danger by taking on huge bosses and destructible objects. It promises to deliver an entertaining and addictive gaming experience for hours of fun!

Be an unstoppable force and save humanity – the world needs a champion! Sky Force is perfect for those seeking adrenaline-fueled action.

Platform: Windows, iOS, Android, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo Switch

5. Titan Attacks

Titan Attacks

The world is under siege from an alien horde, and it’s up to you as the commander to take control of your tank and fight back. Engage in a thrilling adventure to save the planet, whilst exploring five unique worlds and tackling up to 100 action-packed levels!

Fire off lasers, cannons, rockets, and more as you battle your way across the solar system and take on giant bosses, bomber ships, and hordes of aliens.

Survive asteroid fields and wreak destruction upon enemy spacecraft – how long can you keep up the fight? With 47 achievements to unlock, leaderboards to climb, and retro graphics to enjoy – Titan Attacks promises a fun-filled shoot ”em-up experience!

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

6. Infinity Wings: Scout and Grunt

Infinity Wings

Xfinity Games’ Infinity Wings: Scout and Grunt is an Action Arcade Space Side-Scrolling Single-player title. Players may choose among various air fighters and embark on a thrilling journey in an ever-changing, procedurally generated universe. Wield weapons to battle foes while collecting power-ups and other upgrades to strengthen their spacecraft.

Overcome dozens of challenging levels, and defeat enemies and their bosses to score high points. Compete with friends by beating their scores and become the hero of epic boss battles.

Enhance your ship and weapons using experience points to stay alive longer. Features include playing with different spacecraft, competing on leaderboards, exclusive weapons, difficult battleship fights, and intense boss battles.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

7. Crystal Cosmos

Crystal Cosmos

Crystal Cosmos offers an exciting mix of Action-Adventure, Shoot ’em up, 2D Sidescrolling, and Singleplayer gameplay. Take on the role of a hero who must save his homeland from the menacing Obsidious force.

Match your spacecraft’s color to that of your enemy in order to defeat them. Explore eight kingdoms and collect the missing pieces of Crystal Cosmos, each one governed by a powerful lord.

Take on dozens of levels in various worlds and earn points to upgrade your tools and weapons. Face enemy bosses at the end of stages, and defeat them for victory! Enjoy an array of features like Story Mode, Upgrades, Dynamic Gameplay and Soundtracks, Stunning Visuals, a Customizable Control System, Fast Intelligent AI, and Frantic Boss Battles.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

8. Galcon


Galcon is an incredible series of Action, Strategy, Single, and Multiplayer video games developed by Phil Hassey and released by Galcon.com. Set in a galactic landscape, the player assumes control of ships to seize enemy planets and expand their intergalactic empire.

Embarking with three planets, the main objective is to increase the number by conquering more. Create vessels, equip them with weapons, and send them off to do battle, as the amount of ships needed depends on the planet you wish to seize.

Step into the strategy genre and prove your skills against other players in solo or multiplayer mode to accumulate points. The series consists of titles such as Galactic Conquest, Galcon Classic, Galcon, iGalcon, and more. Galcon offers detailed visuals, immersive gameplay, and an unparalleled experience for all strategy fans!

Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Web Browser, PSP

9. The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher

Harry, an intrepid adventurer, is tasked with an incredible mission – to battle alien forces on the planet Zoit in The Bug Butcher! This sci-fi shoot ”’em-up game, developed by Awfully Nice Studios, provides a thrilling side-scrolling experience. Arm yourself with a machine gun and blast your way through each level, smashing items for points.

Upgrade weapons and items as you progress to become more powerful in your fight against the enemy. Challenging missions await, each requiring different objectives that must be completed to win. Enjoy top-notch features, gorgeous scenery, and original soundtracks in The Bug Butcher!

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems

10. Shutshimi


Shutshimi is an electrifying Action-Adventure, Shoot ‘em up, and Single-player Side-scrolling game developed by Neon Deity Games and released by Choice Provisions for several platforms.

Dive into a mythical world where you will be armed with your morphing shotgun to vanquish enemies or make headway through waves of opponents, collecting power-ups and upgrades along the way.

Face relentless waves of adversaries in an endless gaming experience! As the protagonist, it is your duty to safeguard the seven seas from hostile forces while racking up points for bonus content.

Enjoy rapid-fire gameplay with five distinct weapons to choose from plus more than forty upgradeable items that can be paired with weapons for remarkable combinations. Shutshimi includes awesome features such as Underwater Environment, Online Leaderboards, varied Weapon Combinations, and more.

Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS

11. Duke of Alpha Centauri

Duke of Alpha Centauri

The galactic game Duke of Alpha Centauri blends Action, Side-scrolling, Space Shoot ’em up, and Single-player elements. Developed by Just1337 Studio and published by Just1337 Publisher, the objective is to conquer hordes of enemies while having fun in a space setting.

In addition to boss battles, players can upgrade their ships with powerful weaponry and ship systems to access the Endless Mode.

Multiple levels of three difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard) are available. Two distinct weapons – energy and mechanized – begin the game. The weapons must be powered using varied sources in order to progress.

Furthermore, there are thirteen enemy types each with its own behaviors. Tactical Gameplay, Auto-aim Plasma, Fast Shield Recharge, Fast Weapons Power Recharge, and Weapon Damage are some of the features featured in the game.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

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