Download Verizon Message Plus for PC

Are you tired of the limited functions your phone offers regarding messaging? Then Verizon Message Plus for PC might be exactly what you’re looking for. This innovative service provides an efficient way to send and receive messages from a desktop or laptop computer and additional tools that allow you to operate through your devices even better.

Whether you’re at work and need to quickly message some documents or at home having a chat with friends or family – Verizon Message Plus has got you covered. Read on to learn more about downloading Verizon’s Verizon Message Plus on your PC for all-in-one texting convenience.

Download Verizon Message Plus for PC

Technical Specifications

NameVerizon Message Plus for PC
Supported PC VersionWindows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac
DeveloperVerizon Consumer Group
SecurityChecked using VirusTotal
In-App PurchasesNo

About Verizon Message Plus

Verizon Messages (Verizon Message Plus) is a texting and messaging service provided by Verizon Wireless that is available across multiple devices, including PC, Android, iOS, and web browsers.

Verizon Message Plus allows you to send and receive messages from any device connected to your Verizon Message Plus account. It provides enhanced features such as group chats, photo sharing, custom message backgrounds, GIFs, and stickers.

Verizon Message Plus also offers end-to-end encryption to keep user conversations private and secure. With Verizon Message Plus, you can communicate with anyone in your contact list even if the recipient is not using the same service or platform. This makes it easy for people to stay in touch no matter their device!

How to download Verizon Message Plus on PC

Verizon Message Plus is a messaging app that allows you to send and receive SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Message Service), Group Messages, and Voicemail messages. Verizon Message Plus can now be downloaded on a PC, allowing you to stay connected with your contacts on the go. Here is how you can download Verizon Message Plus for PC:

Step 1: Open your browser and head to the Verizon Verizon Message Plus website. You will see a “Download The Desktop App” button at the top right corner of the page. Click this button.

Step 2: On the next page, click on “Web Client,” and you will be directed to a new webpage with the option of signing in with your My Verizon mobile number. If prompted, enter your My Verizon credentials for authentication purposes and proceed further by clicking “sign in” or “continue” accordingly.

Step 3: After successful authentication, you will have the option to download Verizon Message Plus for PC from this page itself or Microsoft App Store directly, depending upon what operating system is running on your device i.e., Windows 10 or Mac OS X respectively, as these are the only two OS systems supported by Verizon Message Plus.

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, open the Verizon Message Plus Windows app through its shortcut icon created on the desktop to start using Verizon Message Plus.

Features of Verizon Message Plus for PC

Safe and Secure

Verizon Message Plus for PC offers a reliable and secure way to stay connected with friends and family across multiple devices. Verizon Message Plus provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring that all conversations are private and confidential. The service also allows you to communicate with any contact on your list, regardless of the platform used.

Send Messages

Verizon Message Plus Windows app allows you to send messages quickly, easily, and conveniently from your desktop or laptop computer. Verizon Message Plus can also be used in combination with other Verizon services such as My Verizon Mobile to manage contacts, review messages, and even set up auto-replies.


Verizon Message Plus users benefit from an array of advanced features including group chats, custom message backgrounds, GIFs, photo sharing, and stickers – making it easy to personalize conversations without leaving the comfort of your computer.

Share Files

Verizon Message Plus users can also collaborate on documents attached to their messages by using Verizon’s dedicated File Share feature which provides a convenient way for teams to work together remotely and securely edit files shared across multiple devices.


With Verizon Message Plus on PC, never miss a message again! The service offers the ability to “snooze” important notifications so that you can get back to them at a more convenient time while having peace of mind that they won’t slip through the cracks or be forgotten about altogether.

Sort Messages

Verizon Message Plus also includes an AI (artificial intelligence) assistant which helps you stay organized by automatically sorting incoming messages into folders like Inbox, Important, To Do, etc., based on the frequency of use and user preferences.


Verizon Message Plus for Windows offers enhanced voicemail options such as transcription services that allow you to read transcribed versions of your voicemails instead of listening to them directly – saving time and having full control over your phone calls from one location only!


Finally, Verizon Message Plus is designed for convenience – enabling you to switch between different devices seamlessly while keeping all conversations stored in one place for easy access whenever needed!

Alternatives for Messages+ on PC


Slack is a cloud-based messaging platform that provides features such as group chat, private messaging, direct messaging, file sharing, and more. It enables teams to communicate and collaborate with an efficient user experience.

Users can stay organized and productive with its various search functions, filters, and customizable notifications. Slack also offers integrations with other tools and services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub, Twitter, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that works within the Office 365 suite of applications. It enables users to seamlessly collaborate on projects in channels that support conversations and files for quick access and easy sharing.

Additionally, it allows for video conferencing and instant messaging through its direct messages feature and integration with Outlook Calendar. With this, team members can view upcoming meetings or events quickly without switching between applications.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts provides users with an easy way to connect via text or video calls from their computers or mobile devices. It has a built-in text editor for quick message drafting on the go or for quick conversations.

Its audio-video capabilities make it great for connecting during remote meetings or presentations. Hangouts also come integrated with Gmail so users can receive notifications when they receive new messages or are invited to join hangouts sessions immediately.


Discord is a free voice-over IP (VoIP) application designed primarily for gamers but suitable for any group chats of up to 250 people at once. Its features include text chat customization options, VoIP calling, screen sharing, multiple server support, push-to-talk functions, in-game overlay, voice activity monitoring, bots installation, integrating YouTube videos into conversations, built-in music player functionality, and more.

In addition, Discord boasts of low latency during calls making it ideal for online gaming sessions with friends who are miles away.


Skype is one of the most widely used solutions for both video calls and text chat communications in business environments today. Not only does Skype offer voice & video calling features including high-definition audio/video calling capabilities but also includes secure file transfer options allowing you to share documents easily.

Additionally, Skype supports features like virtual meeting rooms where up to 50 people can join together while being able to view content individually at their own pace which makes collaborating on complex tasks much easier than ever before. Furthermore, Skype also offers instant messaging services alongside video & audio calls helping groups stay connected even if everyone isn’t available simultaneously.

FAQs about Verizon Message Plus for PC

How do I get the Verizon Message Plus app for PC?

To download Verizon Message Plus on your PC or Mac, visit and press the “download desktop app” button.

Is Verizon Message Plus on PC free?

Yes, Verizon Message Plus is free to use when connected to a Wi-Fi network but standard data rates may apply when using cellular networks depending on your wireless plan and settings.   

Can I access Verizon Message Plus while traveling overseas?

Verizon Message Plus will work in most international countries as long as you have an active Wi-Fi connection; however, roaming data charges will apply based on your current service plan roaming features.

What type of messages does Verizon Message Plus for PC support?

Verizon Message Plus supports SMS/MMS messaging for phone numbers other than those using the app as well as voice & video calling, group chats, and media sharing capabilities. Verizon Message Plus also supports WiFi Calling for those who are out of range or cannot get a cellular connection.


Verizon Message Plus for PC is a great app with many features that can help you stay connected to your loved ones. You can download Verizon Message Plus on your PC and enjoy all the features it has to offer. Verizon Message Plus’s best features include group chat, video calls, and rich media sharing.

If you have any questions about Verizon Message Plus, let us know in the comments. We would be happy to answer them for you.

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