XCM Cross Battle Adapter Pro 2.0

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 22nd Aug 2011 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
Image of the XCM Cross Battle Adapter Pro 2.0 next to a white PS3 console and a wired XBox 360 controller..jpg

This adapter enables the use of a wired XBox 360 controller on a PS3 console. It also has the added bonus of allowing you to re-map button functions aswell swapping the left and right thumbsticks functions over. 

Located on the face of the adapter are also turbo fire functions and a flick switch which allows for the use of the thumbsticks to replicate six-axis gameplay.

See the video below for a re-mapping demo:


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  • One Switch
    by One Switch 5 years ago
    Would love to see how the Six-Axis emulation works on a game such as "Flower" on the PS3. Looks like a great bit of kit.
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