XBox 360 One Handed (Left Hand) Controller - By Ben Heck

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 27th Jul 2011 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
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One Handed Controller (Left Hand) By Ben Heck

This XBox 360 one handed controller is available in both left and right hand specific configurations (see here for an article on the right hand one).

On the left hand version we have been looking at, the face buttons (A,B,X and Y) are relocated to where the d-pad is on a standard controller. The D-Pad is consequently moved to a position below its usual place to the bottom/middle of the controller. Two small buttons are placed below the left thumbstick one for the Right Bumper Button (RB) the other for the Right Thumbstick Button (R3). The Left Bumper (LB) and Trigger (LT) buttons are in the normal location, but the Right Trigger (RT) is positioned comfortably below the two on the back. The Right Thumbstick has been relocated to the end of the right hand grip, allowing you to rest it on your leg or a flat surface and move the controller around to move the stick. This clever positioning of all the controllers functions to locations within reach of just the one hand, works well with all genres of games. Inevitably, there will be a learning curve and imaginative use of controls for some games is still needed when multiple buttons need to be held at once e.g. Assassins Creed where in free-running mode the 'RT' and 'A' buttons need to be held simultaneously whilst moving the left thumbstick. 

I personally preffered (in FPS type games) to change the stick layout to 'lefty' in the controller options i.e. swapping the right and left over, so as to use the left stick to aim/look and the right one (used on my leg) to move. The use of a button re-mapping function in some games could again make gameplay easier when this option is available e.g. in Fifa the most common face buttons (A for Pass and B for shoot) could be remapped to the back trigger and bumper buttons for easier controls.



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