WildFire Evo Wireless XBox 360 Controller

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 2nd Nov 2011 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
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XBox 360 -Datel

This '100% unofficial' controller is packed with features, including button re-mapping settings, control stick sensitivity settings and left hand mode.

Pre loaded on the controllers LCD interface are  adjustable rapid fire, vibration settings and 'sniper mode' and button re-mapping: 

ReMap - using the controllers LCD display you can reconfigure all of the buttons on the controller with the exception of the Start, Back and Home buttons.

Rapid Fire - adjust the rate at which fire is repeated with each button press.

Sniper Mode - fine tune x and y axis sensitivity for both control sticks.

Low Recoil - adjust the strength of the rumble motors.

Plug the controller via USB into a PC and download the free software (from here: http://bit.ly/r7Q45j) and you have access to a further six features to load onto your controller.

Screenshot of the EVO customizer software..png

The software has a simple interface in which you drag and drop the features you want on your controller (a maximum of four at one time can be loaded onto it). You can also customise your settings for each feature using the software.

The extra features available for loading onto your controller are:

Combo Sequences - allows you to program combinations of buttons to be activated with the press of one button.

Y-axis Reverse - lets you swap the axis on either or both of the left and right sticks.

Sensitivity - adjust the sensitivity of both sticks (and triggers).

Left Handed Mode - move some features around to aid left handed play e.g. swap control sticks over, swap triggers and bumpers over and swap the face buttons with the d-pad.

Auto Fire - buttons chosen will remain 'held' continuously.

Custom Image - load your own image to display on your LCD display.

With our unit we had some problems with the controller turning itself off (conecting via the usb seems to help this) and also, with the LCD screen, batteries tend to get eaten up quickly (using rechargable ones or plugging in a usb cable may be the way to go). However, for the money these little niggles can be expected.

The positives certainly outway the negatives, with it's wealth of features, the WildFire EVO controller could be a real aid to players for whom to ability to move button functions or control sticks around and/or looking for more (or less) sensitive controls to make accessing an XBox 360 easier.

Find out more and buy online here:  

Thanks to 'ZippedyZipZang' for the tip off.


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