UK Video Games Industry Raises 11k for SpecialEffect

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 12th Jul 2011 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
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On Sunday, 10th July 2011, representatives from across the videogames industry ran on behalf gaming charity SpecialEffect. Twenty six runners, including journalists, marketing specialists and PRs gathered for the 9:30 start in a mixture of SpecialEffect-branded shirts and fancy dress.

Entrants ran dressed as famed characters such as Mario, Sonic and Lara Croft, while Viva Pinata's Horstachio was accompanied by characters from Plants Vs Zombies, MoCap SuperHeroes and Prince of Persia. Together, the team raised an estimated £11,000 for SpecialEffect.

SpecialEffect 10k Runners.jpg

Following weeks of sponsorship pledges, everyone of the motley band completed the course, with all proceeds going to SpecialEffect, a charity dedicated to making gaming accessible for people with disabilities. "The SpecialEffect charity exists to enable everyone to play videogames, no matter how severe their disability," commented Mick Donegan, SpecialEffect's Director. "Once again, the games industry has done itself proud. An amazing achievement by all, raising much-needed funds which will make an immediate impact on the number of severely disabled people we can help. On behalf of them all, huge congratulations and many, many thanks."

Running for SpecialEffect were: Dave Moran (Midlifegamer), Kirsty Payne (SpecialEffect/Mastertronic), Andy Robertson (Family Gamer), Matt Eyre (Sega), Mark Ward (Warner), Johnny Minkley (SpecialEffect/Eurogamer), Simon Cowley (NCSoft), Korina Abbott (UbiSoft), Graeme Boyd (Microsoft), Dan Maher (Microsoft), Mark Robins (Lunch PR), Andrew Smith (SpiltMilk), Lucy Starvis (Lunch PR), Cat Channon (NCSoft), Craig Stephens (NCSoft), Nicky Hunt (Spiltmilk), Mick Morris (Audiomotion), Brian Mitchell (Audiomotion), Rachel Tudhope (Audiomotion), Luke Niejadlik (Audiomotion), Gareth Glover (Codemasters), Neil Grainger (Audiomotion), Steve Merrett (Voltage PR), Alison Beasley (Lincoln Beasley), Jacob Mattock (Lincoln Beasley) and Nick Streeter (SpecialEffect).

Kirsty Payne, SpecialEffect’s Vice President: “A huge thanks to everyone involved, the runners, organisers, supporters and sponsors, it was a brilliant day and a fantastic atmosphere, the SpecialEffect runner’s game character costumes really stood out in the crowd. Not only did we raise awareness for this brilliant video gaming charity, we raised a substantial amount of money and had a great day out! We’re already allocating SpecialEffect places for next year’s Olympic British 10K so just give us a shout if you’re interested in joining us.”



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