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The current Top 10 Eye-Gaze accessible games on

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1. Peggle Deluxe

Peggle Deluxe Screen Shot.jpg
PC - Pop Cap
Another simple game, which is highly addictive. Using pointer or switch  control, the player must aim the ball at the coloured pegs and then fire it to hit as many as possible to gain points. Peggle works well with eye control using blink as the click function to release the balls.

A head mouse also works using a sound switch (or any other accessible switch method simulating the mouse left click) to release the ball. A dwell select would most likely release the ball at the wrong moment unless put onto a longer dwell setting. The game is for either one or two players, runs in a separate window and can be tried for free by downloading a version at

2. Music Catch 2

Music Catch 2 Screen Shot..jpg
PC (opens in a browser) - Reflexive Entertainment

Music Catch 2 retains the simplicity (sound, graphics and gameplay) which made the original so appealing, whilst adding new songs, levels and a few subtle new features.

The aim, as before, is to move your target around the playing area, collecting as many of the shapes which appear as possible, whilst avoiding the red ones. Each level last the length of a song (which impacts on the frequency that the shapes are released). You will progress the level no matter how few points you gain. After each level you will unlock new songs, shapes, patterns and motions from which you can create your own levels. Your progress will be retained next time you visit the site.

Clicking is only required when in the menu's. Once a level has started it is simply the movement of the cursor which is required, making it accessible to those with any method of fairly acurate pointer control.

Play for free

3. JazzBall


PC Windows - Graeme's Free Games (freeware)

JazzBall was written after a suggestion was made to us by Sandra Robertson. She wondered if the old Microsoft game JezzBall might suit a more accessible interface and could perhaps become a fun game that both her children could play. Thanks to Graeme Singh taking up the challenge, they now can. Nice.

The aim of the game is to draw horizontal or vertical blocks across any available gaps, avoiding being hit by balls whilst you do so. If you manage to reach both sides of the gap without being hit, a section of a hidden picture will be revealed. Manage to reveal the majority of the screen and you'll progress to the next level. You can use your own pictures too, which can be immense fun.

: Four different control methods are directly supported, including two different one-switch modes, a standard mouse pointer mode and a eye-gaze mode that is designed to be played without the need to click anywhere. Magnifico!

Playing this game well requires fairly accurate timing, and planning. There is a very effective speed control option to make life much easier (or tougher if you prefer). Thank you, Graeme!

Download game: from Graeme's Free Games.

Puzzle game alternatives? Try
Peggle or OneSwitch Puzzle Games.

4. El Beso

El Beso Screen Shot.png
PC - Tembac

"El Beso is an experiencial game.

It is an art game where music and gameplay work together
in a beautiful way.

El Beso means The Kiss in spanish."

Both soothing and challenging in equal measure, El Beso uses music as a gameplay mechanic in an elegant and entertaining way.

The aim is to move your cluster of lights, navigating between the red squares, whilst remaining close enough for the 'arms' of your entity to reach out and feel their way along the sides and consequently change the squares from red to blue, then grey.

Get caught up in a red square and you find yourself trying to move towards the edge of a seemingly ever thickening atmosphere, whilst the music reflects, even taunts your predicament by burbling, getting caught up and generally sounding pretty awful.

The game play and menu's require no clicking but accurate control of a pointer and quick reactions to avoid the constantly moving squares. Despite this, it can be played successfully with eye-control set to pointer, with quick eye movements having the advantage over quick hands.

Download the game for free at:

5. Bejewelled Twist

Bejewelled Twist Screen Shot.jpg
PC (opens in a separate window) - Pop Cap
The ‘twist’ of the title refers both to the twist on the original Bejewelled 1 and 2 and also the literal twist of the new method of gameplay. In this version you again must match 3 gems of the same shape and colour, but to do this you now spin groups of 4 gems in a clockwise movement.

Other additions to the gameplay including the addition of bomb gems. They give you a limited number of moves, indicated on the countdown clock on the gem, to include it in a row of 3 otherwise it blows and ends your game. If you don’t like the sound of being blown up you can play in ‘zen’ mode bomb-free.

The game is pointer controlled, with the well sized target areas making it playable for both eye and head control. A 60-minute trial and the full version can be downloaded from:

6.Travelogue Series

Travelogue Series Shreen Shot.jpg

PC (opens in a separate window) - Big Fish Games


Paris: Explore Paris in 360 degrees. You must find the hidden objects progress through the street, monument and shop scenes. This game works on pointer control, with a click and drag action, which lends itself to a rollerball as this reflects the spherical onscreen compass, which is used to navigate the screen.

It is also ideal for use with a head mouse as it plays within a separate window so you can keep your on screen mouse options to hand to use the drag function. If you wanted to play a similar game with eye control the Rome version ‘Curse of the Necklace’ and ’London Mystery’ work well as you can use another type of navigation method for looking around the scenes, whereby you click on four arrows to either look to the right, left or up and down. With eye control you can use an on-screen magnifier to good effect on these arrows to help with accuracy. You can get a 60 minute free trial of these three games:


Paris 360:


London Mystery:


Rome Curse of the Necklace:

7. Live For Speed

Live For Speed Screen Shot.jpg
PC - Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey and Victor van Vlaardingen

Live for Speed
is a racing simulator using pointer control in which the user settings can be changed within the game to allow it to used with eye control or with a head mouse.

You can start on the Kyoto Ring, which is an oval track to practice before moving onto some more difficult ones. There are varying levels of ability for the computer opponents also. The game has been designed to be raced over the internet, therefore this is easy to set up. The same is true to set up a host computer and play your friends in your own race.  You can download the game from

8. Racer

Racer Screen Shot.jpg
PC (opens in a separate window) - Cruden
Racer is an online racing similar like Live For Speed.’ Again it is pointer controlled, but in terms of eye control it can, initially, be easier to control with the cursor appearing on screen and handling can be smoother.

For eye-gaze users it is worth noting that this runs on a Tobii P10 (unlike LFS). Tracks and cars can be downloaded online. Multiplayer races can also be played online. To steer the cars move the cursor to the left and right of the screen. For acceleration move it towards the top and to brake move it downward towards the bottom. The gears are automatic.  The game can be downloaded for free at:

9. Doeo

Doeo Screen Shot.jpg
PC (opens in a separate window) - Raitendo
The challenge is to collect as many ‘Doeo’ as you can in the 40 second levels. In easy mode you must collect at least 100 to progress and in hard 200. You need fairly fast reactions, but no mouse clicks are needed. Placing your cursor over a Doeo collects it. This makes ‘Doeo’ playable with various pointer input methods, including head and eye control. The sound and graphics are vibrant and fun making this a lively quick challenge.

The game can be played at

10. Power Soccer

PC (opens in a browser) - Power Challenge Soccer

Power Soccer is a 3D football game, which is played in your browser. Meaning that whilst it is by no means Fifa or PES, it can be played on virtually any computer provided you have a good internet connection.

Pointer control can be used as the sole input for gameplay. Move the cursor to move the direction and dribble with a player whilst in posession. Click into space or on another player to pass. When the opposition has the ball tackle with a left click (or equivelant). To shoot on goal aim the cursor at the net and click as with tackling or passing.

The game is played either against strangers or friends online. With points awarded for wins and goals. During the season you play for points for the team you support in upcoming fixtures, adding some competative rivalry. With points lost for leaving a game early, quitting is rare.

Whilst at times highlighting how advanced more established football titles are, Power Soccer offers the competition, challenge and fun expected from the game within a browser and for free ensuring many people without access to other higher spec games get the chance to give it a go and get involved.

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