'The Explorer and the Mystery of the Diamond Scarab' Launch

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 2nd Feb 2012 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)

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31-01-2012 | Huizen, The Netherlands

The Nintendo wii game The Explorer and the Mystery of the Diamond Scarab is available. For the first time, children with and without visual impairment can play together on an equal level. In addition to the positive effect of playing unhindered with peers on the same level, this game also contributes to improving motoric functions and physical coordination. Royal Dutch Visio announced the game on March 25th 2011. Due to delay in the process of approval it was not available sooner.

The Explorer was developed by different partners together with Royal Dutch Visio. They gave the concept of Serious Gaming a new dimension. Financial support came from the province of Groningen, The Netherlands. The process used for the development is called co-creation, a technique in which the end user is involved in the development of new products and services. Visually impaired, blind and full sighted children contributed to the content and form of this game, while physical therapists, exercise specialists and teachers monitored the motoric aspects.

Prize Winning
The game was presented on several occasions in the world in 2011. It has won the Oogfonds Innovatieprijs 2011 (a Dutch price for innovations for blind and partially sighted people) and the
Best Collaboration Award 2011. Further The Explorer was nominated for the Accenture Innovation Award (also a Dutch innovation price).

The game
In The Explorer you play the role of Ben the Archaeologist who is searching for the Temple of the Diamond Scarab. Once he is in the temple he meets Tiri, an enchanting Egyptian princess. Going through a maze of underground passages they look for ancient Egyptian treasures and confront various challenges. The game is played on a Balance Board, a standard Wii accessory. With this you can move through the maze, find treasures and enter challenging situations.
Since this is the first game in the world developed jointly for visually impaired, blind and fully sighted children, the game can be played in Dutch and in English.





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