Techno Kitten Adventure

Published by: Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect) on 29th Jan 2012 | View all blogs by Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect)

Available on: Xbox360, iPad, iPod/iPhone, Facebook, Android and Windows Phones- Elite Gudz and 21st Street Games


Warning - If you have an aversion to flashing images do not play this game, because at certain points it seems like TKA’s sole purpose, it’s raison d’etre, is to give you as large a headache as it possibly can.


You take control of various kittens- kittens with jet packs, kittens shaped like hotdogs and kittens that barf rainbows and the aim is simply to get a high score. Your score accumulates the whole time that you’re alive, so it’s all about staying alive for as long as possible. You have an unlimited amount of lives and the levels are on an infinite loop, but touching any of the cute little twinkly stars, that you come across causes death and your score to be reset.


One of the game’s big draws to me is it’s simple one button interface. You hold the A button (on Xbox360 or touch anywhere on-screen with the iPad, iPod or Android versions) to go up the screen and let go to drop down it. 


So far so simple, but the challenge is provided by the sheer amount of lunacy that’s happening all around you. When the entire screen is shaking and flashing with bits of meat flying around in the background and a graphic equalizer manically pumping in the foreground, I start feeling disorientated, and at that point I find it genuinely hard to focus on the kitty, that’s bobbing up and down somewhere on my TV.


Techno Kitten Adventure is quite simply ridiculous but that’s why I love it. When I have friends come round and everyone has had just the right amount of drink for things to get silly, this is one of the games we have put on. It’s bananas but good bananas.


Things to note are, that there are only five levels (but that’s more than enough for me and my friends), I experienced some lag on the Android version, and while the Xbox360 version costs around £2 for the entire game with the iPod, iPad and Android versions you have to buy individual levels at $0.99 (which is around 69p) each.



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