Sniper: Ghost Warrier - Re-mapping/Controller Game Options

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 17th Aug 2011 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)

Sniper Ghost Warrior default controller layout screenshot.png

Title: Sniper: Ghost Warrior (City Interactive)

Tested On:
XBox 360.

Full Re-mapping: No.

Button Layout Options: 2 options available, including 'Southpaw' (left handed) option. Button layouts are displayed in the video below.

Stick Layout Options: 2 options available: Default (left stick = aim/look and right stick = move) and Southpaw (swaps stick functions over).

Stick Sensitivity Options: Combined horizontal and vertical sensitivity for both sticks with 10 different levels of sensitivity to choose from.

Look type:
Normal and inverted are available (vertical).

Other notable features:

Auto Reload Option

Crouch and Prone Toggle On/Off (no need to hold 'B' down).

The video below shows all in-game controller options:



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