Simple Joystick for more Complicated Games

Published by: One Switch on 31st Oct 2011 | View all blogs by One Switch
C-SID with additional joystick box. Accessible Game Controller for switches and more.

Being able to connect a simple Atari style joystick to modern games consoles in almost anyway you like is now possible thanks to a new SpecialEffect and OneSwitch custom-built controller.

Pictured above is an Atari compatible Competition Pro joystick velcroed to a Maxess board, patched into a C-SID interface. This set-up allows up to five controls of your choice to be assigned to the simpler joystick. The wish for this came from Shaz Hossain, as he was finding a number of PS3 driving games wouldn't allow him to reconfigure the controls as he wished to his HORI Real Arcade Pro 3 arcade stick. We're hoping this prototype will do the trick for him, until the day that all driving games have fully reconfigurable controls.

Anyone attending the REPLAY event will be able to see this joystick in action on the DDR/Destruction Derby set-up.

As a side note, the reason Destruction Derby will be on show for part of the day, is due to it's highly accessible nature in so far as driving and giving people the chance to get around a track. In fact, if you jam the accellerator on, on the oval tracks you can get around with a single switch for steering left or right. The best version is for the PSone, which will also work on PS2 and PS3 fat. Alternatively you can download it from the PSNetwork for the PS3 slim. Hugely recommended.



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