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Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 18th Oct 2010 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
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Since appearing on a stand at the Eurogamer Expo at the beginning of October, SpecialEffect has been increasingly featured in the gaming press.

Below we have collated some of the articles, including links to allow you to read them fully and get an idea of the writers' responses, many of whom only discovered the charity and found out about the work we do, at the event.

Eurogamer article.jpg
Eurogamer published an article titled 'Willing and Able?' by Dan Whitehead on their site last week, which looked at how the games industry is dealing with making games accessible to those with varying disabilites. The article promted some interesting debates in the comments section. Dr Mick Donegan, Director of SpecialEffect, was interviewed and asked to comment. Click this link to read the article.

SpecialEffect also featured in their latest Eurogamer Tv Show. Presenter Johnny Minkley looks at the games industry including the "
incredible efforts of organisations like GameLab, which produces games specifically for the deaf and blind, and children's charity SpecialEffect, which uses cutting-edge technology (which some of you may have checked out at Eurogamer Expo) to help even the most severely disabled to enjoy gaming. The results speak for themselves."

Watch the video on their site, by clicking this link (we're featured at (30 mins:40secs). Alternatively, watch the SpecialEffect section here:

Johnny also wrote an article, 'Can You Drive With Your Eyes!,' to go alongside the video:

In addition (!), SpecialEffect is very briefly featured (as well as on Johnny's wrist) on our stand at the Expo in the Eurogamer in their round up video of the event:  

gaminglives article.jpg
Kat Rice at Gaming Lives has written an article about the charity who she she first encountered at Eurogamer Expo,  "As excited as I am about the likes of Fable 3, it’s my brief experience on the charity’s games that was the most memorable moment of that weekend for me." Read the article by clicking
this link.

Destructoid article.jpg
Hollie Bennett from published a video and article entitled "The SpecialEffect Charity: The future of gaming" in which she wrote of how the charity "bring gaming to all people, young and old, who can't enjoy mainstream gaming due to a disability."

Read the article and watch the video here:

A screen capture of the Sarcastic Gamer article on SpecialEffect.jpg
Sarcastic Gamer's 'Captain Average' had a go at 'driving with his face' at the expo and made a video of it

Yet Another Review Site Article.jpg
Andrzej Marczewski wrote about 'The true winner at eurogamer Expo 2010" in his article for
Yet Another Review Site.

midlife gamer article.jpg
midlife gamer covered SpecialEffect's attendance at the Expo with their
video (from 5mins:46 secs).

Gamer Dads article.jpg
Gamer Dads announced that we were to become their charity partner after discovering us on our stand at the Expo:

"As the ‘old-school’ members of the site will tell you, Gamerdads as a community has for a long time been looking to become associated with a charity-preferably one that matches with the ideals of the site and it’s members..."

Gamesmen article.jpg
Daniel 'Hardlydan' Knapman wrote a 'Special Report' on SpecialEffect at the Expo  and how " using different control devices, games can be adapted to allow people with a variety of disabilities to play games..."

Read the article by clicking
this link.

GameOverCast included an interesting interview with our Director Mick Donegan at the Expo in their entertaining podcast, which can be accessed from this link (SpecialEffect feature from about the 5 minute mark).

You can listen to the SpecialEffect part of the podcast here:

From the feedback from the public, industry and press at the event, SpecialEffect's attendance at Eurogamer Expo 2010 seems to have proved positive in spreading the word on accessible gaming, letting people know that there are ways for people, no matter what their disability or ability to play video games.

The resulting articles, video's and podcast's will again reach a wider audience raising the awareness of the importance of accessing video games for everyone.



  • trabasack
    by trabasack 6 years ago
    Have you thought about posting this on it will then get posted across the web and lead to more links to your site and may get picked up by some bloggers.

    Well done on the expo, obviously really got yourselves noticed there!
  • Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
    Thanks Duncan. Great idea. We'll look into it.
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