Pony Club Races

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 5th Jan 2012 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
Lego Ville Pony Club races screen capture showing a lego charachter on ahorse approaching a jump with white picket fencing in th
PC (opens in a browser)

There are ten levels to play against the clock in this Lego inspired one button (space) horse jumping game. Each level gets slightly harder with more or bigger jumps. Once you have selected your rider at the beginning of the game using the mouse you can then navigate and play the game using just the space bar.

Timing is key. However, if you miss time your jump and land on a fence or don't even leave the ground you will be able to continue without any penalty (except losing some seconds on the clock) and try the jump again. If you complete the course within the time you can press space to try the next level. If you don't succeed, press space to retry it.

Play it online here:



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