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Published by: Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect) on 26th Apr 2012 | View all blogs by Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect)

The internet is aflame! People want to know what Gamebase is playing!! Well, that may not be entirely true...but here are our top three games anyway.....


Plants Vs Zombies (by Pop Cap Games)

Available on PC, Browser, Mac, Android phones, Windows phones 7, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PlayStation 3 and Xbox360

Screenshot of Plants Vs Zombies- Brainzzz.jpg

P's Vs Z's is a constant, reassuring feature on my Xbox. Always available for a quick, five minute, zombie bashing between browsing BBC iPlayer and a bout of Battlefield. The basic premise of the game is to protect your house from zombies using various repellents, which are mostly plant and fungi based. The steady rising in complexity of the game-play, and the difficulty of the levels, suits me perfectly and is something that Pop Cap does so well in all their games. Before you know it, you will find yourself weighing up the various merits of Fume-shrooms and Gloom-shrooms like a pro. Brainzzzz!

Monstermind (by Bossa Studios)

Available on Facebook

Screenshot of Monstermind.jpg

Deserved winner of Best Browser Game at this year’s Baftas. Playing Monstermind has challenged some of my prejudices against strategy games. The unique player vs. player game-play (via Facebook) feature gives it a competitive slant; bringing the frustration and elation usually reserved to the more immediate genres of gaming. The idea is to build a town and defend it against monsters sent by Facebook friends. You can, of course, repay their sentiment, by wiping out their carefully constructed society, if you can find the weak points in their defence, and unleash your carefully conserved team of zombies or robots at them.


FIFA 12 (by EA Sports)

Available on PlayStation 3, Xbox360, PC, Mac, Wii, 3DS, iPad, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation 2

Screenshot of Fifa 122.jpg

When your real-life team is not fulfilling your unrealistic expectations, FIFA is always on hand to help with a little escapism and therapeutic settling of scores. With multiple game modes, these days FIFA offers variety (well various ways to lose 4-0 to an eight year old on Xbox live) when the genre could well have become stagnant. I always know what the aim is with FIFA (score goals/ don't let goals in) and can focus on simply doing it to the best of my ability. Simple, just the way I likes it.



Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 – PS Vita (by Capcom)


I’m glad that while trying to shoe-horn touch controls into this port of UMVC3, Capcom chose not to go down the route of your standard virtual D-pad and buttons, but instead implemented an easy and effective tap interface. You can perform insanely flashy combos with just a few taps anywhere on screen. Also, the Simple Mode from the console versions has returned, so special moves can be performed by the single press of a button. The series has always been known for its difficulty and technicality, but the options provided in this port go a long way to help a variety of people enjoy its bonkers, technicolour glory.


Pac-Man Championship Edition Deluxe (by Namco Bandai)

Screenshot of Pacman CEDX.jpg

Available on XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Android phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod 

Pac-Man CED is still one of my “go-to” games for when friends come around. It’s easy to understand and (I know to the un-initiated it may sound an odd way to describe a Pac Man game but it’s) genuinely exciting to watch. I guarantee that if you have a few people taking turns playing, there’s going to be plenty of banter, and shouts of elation (where people have beaten scores) and disappointment(where they got “oh-so” close).

You control the movement of your character with the left analog stick, or the face buttons, you have bombs but they’re not essential, and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about moving around a 3D space, or controlling an awkward camera system; it’s all about avoiding ghosts. Simple, but by no means, boring CED is one of my top games of the last five years!


Groove Coaster (by Taito)

  Screenshot of Groove Coaster- Tis pretty.jpg

Available on iPad, iPhone, iPod

I love me some bonkers Japanese music in my games, the more non-sensical the better, and in this game you get a slice right across the spectrum of Japanese music. You have the crazy, fluffy J Pop but you also have some darkier, more experimental, bass ridden goodness; and it’s all wrapped around a simple and pretty rhythm action game. You tap, or tap and hold, anywhere on screen when you cross the points on the track, you’re following, to produce all kinds of sounds and visual effects, that draw you into the music and (as ridiculous as it sounds) make you feel part of it. However, be warned, it’s super engaging and after a couple of goes you will get sucked in, but you won’t mind at all as it’s such a treat for the senses.



Journey (by Thatgamecompany )

Available on Playstation 3

Screenshot of Journey - Beautiful.jpg

I had heard that this is a short game, so I've been slowly eking out playing it to make it last. It's stunningly beautiful in stages. I love that when you let go of your controller for a while, your character sits down and meditates, love the companionship that comes when you come across another player (and never more than one other player) and love the solitude at times. Sometimes, I'm bored playing this, sometimes my jaw-drops, and that's what will keep me playing to the end. Access wise, you can get away with a simple control method of a joystick and two buttons for the majority of play (but having control over the camera with a second stick makes life easier) and there’s no need for six-axis which is great news.


Proteus (by Twisted Tree Games)

Available on PC

Screenshot of Proteus.jpg

This is a wonderful zero pressure game of weather, exploration and time. You can get around using just two buttons, or switches if need be. You can chase storm clouds, stare at the stars, bask in the sun and feel free to explore. Ed Key hopes to bring even further accessibility to this wonderful game/experience. This makes me wish all First Person Shooters and the like had a peace mode, where you could just freely explore the environments without fear of being attacked. Get in touch if you'd like to play it, as Ed has said he'll free this up to our community!


Canyon Bomber (by Atari)

  Screenshot of Canyon Bomber.png

Available on Atari VCS/NDS

I'm completely addicted to this one-switch playable game from 1978. Your control: Drop bomb, that's it. Your task: To clear a canyon of boulders (blocks), and that's it. If you miss six times, the game ends. But it's just so gratifying to play for some reason, and the challenge can be simply one you set yourself. I'm trying to reach a Zen level of clearing two canyons in one game. Game variations 5 and 6 allow you to play with unlimited bombs, the game ending when you reach 1000, which I think is a great accessibility feature.  I love it.




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