Orthos - One Handed Controller

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 30th Aug 2011 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
Orthros one handed controller being used on a table with a tv with a football game..png
PS3 - Lepmis 

Orthros is a one handed controller which can be used with either the left or right hand to play on a Playstation 3.

The layout allows you to play games using one or both of the control sticks. One is placed on top to use with your thumb, whilst the other is positioned on the bottom and is controlled by placing the Orthros on a surface and moving the whole controller around.

Alongside the control stick on the top of the controller are what appear to be two sets of 'action' buttons as well as a d-pad. Four of the action buttons are used for their intended function and can be switched for comfortable use with the right hand (by using the ones on the left) and the left hand (by using the one on the right). The buttons on the side not being used can then be programmed to be used for Home, Start and Select. On the back of the controller are located the trigger and bumper buttons.

Lepmis have plans to also make a simpler version of the controller in the future, but at present this current 'pre-production' version has full re-mapping using the attached 'Squiddy' and 'PS3-SAP' interfaces (see how this is done in the video below).

Visit http://shop.lepmis.co.uk/ 

See video below for a demonstration of its use during gameplay:



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