Published by: GillianSpecialEffect on 20th Jan 2012 | View all blogs by GillianSpecialEffect

Orbital iPad Screenshot.png

Orbital is a very simple but pretty addictive game. We’ve got the free version on our iPad 2. The fantastic thing about this game is that you can play it with very little movement. If you can manage a very light touch anywhere on the playing area and have the ability to time your touch accurately, you can play. Every time you touch the screen, an orb is launched. When it stops, it grows until it touches either the edge of the play area or another orb. You have to clear them away by touching them 3 times with other passing orbs. You score a point for each one cleared (maximum score 16 on the free version).


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  • One Switch
    by One Switch 4 years ago
    Great game. I personally prefer the original "Gimme Friction Baby" though which you can play here one-switch style: http://www.specialeffect-games.org.uk/1games.php
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