One Handed Controller

Published by: One Switch on 5th May 2010 | View all blogs by One Switch
Image of a one-handed controller, with glowing LED lights, on a green desk.
Playstation 2 -  Consoles and Gadgets (£79.98 plus p&p)

The PS2 "One Handed Controller" is a brand new replica of the Dragonplus RPG DuoCon 2 controller, long since out of production, but a firm favourite with those who play console games with one hand.

This controller can be used equally well by left and right handed players, thanks to the intuitive layout of the buttons, and a D-pad on both sides. Using separately purchased
controller adapters, you can connect this to Xbox 360, PS3, PCs and more.

It is possible to get this working on a Wii too, but it will only work with games that are compatible with a "classic controller". This includes Super Mario Kart and all Gamecube games.

Overall, the build quality seems very good, it should suit most hand sizes comfortably, and the LED lights may assist visually impaired players find the controller on first start-up. 

In short, probably the best alternative one-handed controller for mainstream games consoles.

Alternative controllers: See the
Accessible Gaming Shop.



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