My Golf Game: Featuring Ernie Els

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 19th Apr 2011 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
My Golf Game Screenshot.jpg
PC - VTree LLC (Powered By EA Sports)

VTree have created a highly accessible, high quality game which would be at home amongst any of the mainstream sports games you could pull off the shelf at any high street videogame shop.

That is until you load up the game and see the range of playable control options available, which you wouldn't ordinarily come accross in your standard game. The main ways of controlling the gameplay and menu's are using either a  pointer, switches (or keyboard) or an XBox 360 controller.

The 'default' gameplay mechanics allow you to control gameplay by selecting just one tab ('Click To Start Swing'). By using your chosen control method to highlight it you can then select it to start the directional arrow automatically scanning left and right. When it is pointing the direction you want to hit your ball, press your selection input again (left click if using a pointer, enter or space if using a switch or a keyboard and the 'A' button if using a 360 controller). You will then need to select how much power you want to use in your shot by pressing your selection input once more when the powerbar has reached the percentage you need.

The menu's also accommodate the control method you are using. Either interact directly using a cursor and a left click to select, use a second switch to scan (set to the down cursor key) or use the left control stick or d-pad to move up and down through the options.

Their are 'Course Settings' which can be altered to make the game easier to play. For example the wind can be set to 'calm' or 'still,' the rough can be set at 'light,' weather to 'clear' and 'Pin Placement' to 'easy' in order to help you get a grasp on the gameplay.

My Golf Game shows how accessibility options can be implemented into a mainstream game without compromising on it's quality or gameplay, whilst at the same time giving more people the chance to access and enjoy it.

The video below shows gameplay using 3 different control methods:

Find out more and order here:

A percentage from the sales of “My Golf Game” go to The Els for Autism Foundation. You can read more about The Els for Autism Foundation and their work at: 


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