Legacy of Wisdom

Published by: Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect) on 3rd Sep 2010 | View all blogs by Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)
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PC (opens in a separate window) - Jeremy Kang

Experimental Gameplay Project Zero Buttons theme, in which designers were challenged to make a game requiring no keyboard or mouse click inputs, has lead to some top knotch mouse only games. Keep an eye out on GameBase.info for more reviews of some of the most accessible of the games entered over the coming weeks.

First up is Legacy of Wisdom, a mouse input only game which requires no clicking, only movement of the cursor (including the menu's). The gameplay especially lends itself to eye control play, but requires concentration and agile movement of the cursor.

To move your character you must move the red light (using the cursor) to guide him through the trees. Avoiding the barren trees you must aim to increase your  wisdom, with every step you take taking you closer to enlightenment. Each step = 1 point. Find a piece of fruit of knowledge and you will recieve a further 50 points. When you are inspired (glowing bright white) you are able to take down the barren trees gaining 100 points as you go.

Legacy of Wisdom has taken up the task of making a Zero Button game, creating a game of real depth and interest, whilst retaining a simple yet challenging gameplay mechanic.  

Download it here.


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  • Kangsanagi
    by Kangsanagi 6 years ago
    Hi Bill (and other folks at accessible GameBase),

    Jeremy here and I came to know of your site through the link from my own when you played my game, Legacy of Wisdom.

    I am more than honoured that you are featuring my game, and am glad that you enjoy it.

    Just want to say that I think what you guys are doing here at accessible Gamebase is extremely admirable, and I'm glad that my little 7-day project and I could be a tiny-part of this.

    Keep up the great work!
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