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Published by: Alex on 11th Oct 2012 | View all blogs by Alex

Football Identity is a browser, turn-based football simulation game. There are 3 different career paths you can choose from: Footballer, Manager or Journalist. The following review is for the Footballer gameplay.


The entire game is controlled with the mouse. You have 5 seconds to choose your actions (moving, controlling the ball, etc) after which you see things unveil on the pitch. There are 3-4 "phases" where different things are decided. Usually, it goes like this:

  1.  The player in control of the ball chooses what they wish to do. At the end  of this phase, everyone sees what the player is trying to do.
  2.  The player's teammates choose what they wish to do.
  3.  The opponent's players choose what they wish to do.
  4.  Everything is simulated at once.

If you fail to choose your actions in time, the computer will automatically decide for you. The 5 second turn-timer is something you will need to get used to. Although the game doesn't need lightning quick reflexes, you need quick thinking (which comes with practice) to precisely choose what you wish to do within those 5 seconds.........

Accessibility Issues

Although the game is fairly accessible, it does have certain elements which may make it difficult for certain people to play. First of all, the time limit may make it difficult if you are unable to click/move your mouse quick enough. This (for me) can be overcome fairly easily and with practice. The main drawback is the size of the pitch itself and the need for pinpoint accuracy. For someone who uses eye gaze such as myself, you need deadly accurate clicking skills when attempting to receive and interact with the ball. If you are even slightly off, your player will simply move in that direction instead of receiving the ball. This can be slightly alleviated by zooming in your browser (Control and +) in order to increase the size of the gaming window. Nevertheless, accuracy (for me) is the most difficult element of the game, though with practice it can become a minimalistic obstacle.

Career as a Player/Test Matches

Without the need to register, you are able to play a quick Test Match with other players (usually very few – most of the players are controlled by the computer) in order to get a feel for the game and practice your skills. Once you are ready to start your career as a Player, you can register a free account, create your character (attributes included) and find yourself a team to play for. All teams are managed by real people (managers) and generally include other people who also play in the same team. Just like in real life, you have fixtures at certain dates and times which you need to attend in order to play. You have training every day which improves your character's performance. These are just some of the basic features of the game.

Personal Opinions 

FID (Football Identity) is a pretty neat game for those of us looking for a less "intense" footballing experience. It's by no means FIFA, but nevertheless can still be fun, especially when you have an active team of players who work together on tactics and whatnot in order to overcome your opponents. If you're interested, I recommend you play a couple Test Matches to see if you like the overall gameplay before registering an account and committing to a career. You can also choose to play as a Manager or Journalist, but this you'll need to look into yourself as I have very little knowledge on the subject.

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