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Chelsea using a Soundbeam and Aeon at a recent SpecialEffect Roadshow

PC (opens in a window) - SoundSpectrum

Aeon is a visualiser.  This means it turns sound into a visual image, whether played through your PC or received through a microphone.

Aeon gives you many options of colour and visual effects.  To bring up the menu, left click anywhere on the screen.  With colours, you can either choose to have them change automatically (you can set how often they change) or choose manually.  The same applies to the visual options.  There are also variations on each visual option, selected by left clicking on that option. 

At SpecialEffect, we have used Aeon with a
 Soundbeam, translating children's movements to sound and visual effects. By projecting the image onto a screen or wall in a dark area we have found that it amplifies the visual effect and can give the children greater feedback.

Aeon is one of four visualisers available from
SoundSpectrum.  The demo versions let you view the effects using your computer's media player but a full version is required to input sound through the microphone.

To trial a demo or buy the full version visit:



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