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Published by: Alex on 14th Dec 2010 | View all blogs by Alex
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PC (opens in a browser) - Capital Games

9 Empires is both a "delayed real-time" strategy browser game as well as a turn-based strategy game. You start off by choosing from 9 different races, including Elves, Underworld and Undead, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. After creating your main Hero, the tutorial will take you through the basics of the game. It's very easy to follow and quick to pick up on. Your goal is to become the most powerful Empire on the server and help your alliance (if you choose to have one) dominate the map.

From an accessible point of view, it may require a slightly higher level of dexterity in order to play. Mostly everything is done by mouse; the only things which require keyboard is entering numbers in certain areas (it may also be changed by clicking the arrows, but that's usually a bit tedious) and chatting with other players (very little chatting happens anyway). Dragging is also necessary in order to equip/move items and placing units into your hero's control.

The combat is split into two categories: "auto-training" and normal battles. Normal battles are turn-based and give you 30 seconds to make your move (I find this to be plenty of time). You battle against your opponent (player or NPC) until one side is defeated or decides to retreat (only players may retreat). Auto-training is what mostly everyone uses in order to level up their hero easily and quickly. It allows you to fight an NPC without needing to do anything, up to a maximum of 20 battles (one battle = 5 min approximately). This is good because there is no risk of losing any units and means you don't need to spend huge amounts of time on the game.

Building is fairly simple: choose a structure to build/upgrade and then wait for it to complete. The same works with researching technologies. Units are created instantly, but there is a limit to how many you may produce a day.

On a more personal note, the game is very similar to that of "Heroes of Might and Magic" in the way that it is laid out, as well as the combat. I'm still relatively new to it, but so far it has been pretty good. I'm sure it would be a lot more interesting if you can get some friends or family to play with you!

http://9empires.com/ to play.




  • One Switch
    by One Switch 5 years ago
    Great review, Alex! I remember playing a RPG where you could only change numerical settings by repeatedly clicking on up/down arrows. Exceedingly tedious. I assume you can use an on-screen keyboard to enter these figures more quickly?
  • Alex
    by Alex 5 years ago
    Yes, an on-screen keyboard should work without a problem. I use my voice recognition to do that, though :P
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