Feb 3rd

Gone Accessible Fishing

By One Switch
Captain Birdseye.

It's not all accesible video games. We're interested in all kinds of leisure activities made more accessible. In the full post below, you'll find a few alternative ways to go fishing. If they're not enough, YouTube also has remote control boat and RC helicopter fishing. Poor fish...
Feb 2nd

'The Explorer and the Mystery of the Diamond Scarab' Launch

By Bill (R&D, SpecialEffect)

De Ontdekker Screenshot.jpg
31-01-2012 | Huizen, The Netherlands

The Nintendo wii game The Explorer and the Mystery of the Diamond Scarab is available. For the first time, children with and without visual impairment can play together on an equal level. In addition to the positive effect of playing unhindered with peers on the same level, this game also contributes to improving motoric functions and physical coordination. Royal Dutch Visio announced the game on March 25th 2011. Due to delay in the process of approval it was not available sooner.