Mar 16th

Switch Games from the Owlieboo Website

By Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect)

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We look at some of the single switch games from the Owlieboo website

By Gavin Tan

Feb 6th

SpecialEffect Switch Adapted Lego Train Set

By One Switch
SpecialEffect switch adapted Lego Train set.

I was recently contacted by the Mum of a young lad with Cerebral Palsy both keen to get him kitted out with a switch adapted train-set. He'd used a Lego train-set at Kent's excellent CAT service and loved it.

Jan 3rd

Switch Games From the Early Years Section of the HelpKidzlearn Website

By Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect)

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A video where we look at games that can be played with switches from the Early Years section of the HelpKidzLearn website.

By Gavin Tan

Nov 27th

Paper Toss

By Alex

Paper Toss is a simple (but rather addictive!) one button mini game.

You have a crumpled up piece of paper with an arrow moving left and right. A fan is on the desk next to you. A rubbish bin stands in front of you with an arrow pointing left or right and a number underneath it. The number depicts how hard the fan is blowing in that direction. You must shoot against the direction of the fan accurately enough so that the paper is blown into the bin. Just click on the paper once to launch it. Simple!

Score is determined by how many "baskets" you can make in a row. Score is reset whenever you miss. Do you have nerves of steel and great focus? Then this game may just be for you!

Also available on the Android Market!

My high score is 29. What's yours?!
Nov 19th

Punch the Custard and One Dimensional Pong

By One Switch
Image of a computer screen, that reads

Following my mention of Hide and Seek and social public gaming, I wanted to post two games that fit this mould, that are effectively one-switch games: Punch the Custard and One Dimensional Pong.
Oct 26th

Gavin's Favourite Games on the CBeebies Website

By Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect)

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Gavin showing some of his favourite games from the CBeebies website; a one switch game, a two switch game and a Kinect style balloon popping game.

By Gavin Tan

Oct 13th

Video Article: Switch Lanes and the Don Johnston Switch Interface 6.0

By Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect)

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Switch Lanes; a game that can be played without fast reactions, or good timing, that has some good audio cues 

By Gavin Tan

Aug 17th

Video Review: Washington's Wig (Olympicks: Long Jump)

By Gavin (R&D SpecialEffect)

Click on the picture above to watch the video review of Washington's Wig. A single button (press the button) Xbox Live Indie game with a solid level of difficulty

A constant run game from Team2Bit for Xbox360

Reviewed by Gavin Tan

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Jul 29th

Olympicks 2012: Olympics Squared

By One Switch
Clone athletes launch a barrage of Javelins in Olympic Squared
Clone Olympics in one-switch style

Action game for Web browser (free on-line) from Lexaloffle
Reviewed by Barrie Ellis

Cognitive Accessibility3  Hearing Accessibility8  Input Accessibility4  Sight Accessibility3   Content Unlikely To Offend

This one is a bit nuts. Three mini-Olympic sports in one package: ski-jump, javelin and diving. One-button to play (SPACE bar or left-click). All normal so far. The barmy bit is in the Hyper Mode.

Tap your control once to trigger Hyper Mode which splits your athlete into many clones. Tap again to jump, throw or dive. Bonus points are awarded for spreading your athletes/javelins/divers as widely as you can between two points. It quickly makes sense in play even if it doesn't here.

A daft Olympic game. Lots of fun for a short-while and one of only a few one-switch sports games

Jul 28th

Olympicks 2012: Robot Unicorn Attack

By One Switch
Robot Unicorn Attack title page.
Equestrianism in the year 3000?

Action game for Web-browser (free) by Spiritonin Media Game from
Reviewed by Barrie Ellis

Cognitive Accessibility3  Hearing Accessibility6  Input Accessibility4  Sight Accessibility1

Yes, Robot Unicorn Attack is pushing it somewhat as an Olympic Sport tie in. I can't remember an Olympics where rainbow trails flew out behind the horses backed by Erasure music. It's horsey-fied, has some good access features, and that's enough for me!

This is a platform game, with great animation and a colourful style. Once started Z and X are all the keys that are needed (easily mapped to a joypad or two switches if needed):

"Z" = jump, double jump
"X" = rainbow attack

That and fast reactions are all you need control wise. And (I wish all online games did this) you can restart the game using the main game-play controls too.