365bet Vegas Review

365bet is a large internet gambling corporation founded in the United Kingdom in 2006. If you are looking to bet online, then you can be sure that 365bet has a game for you. 365bet is now an umbrella company that houses hundreds of casino games, apps, and betting services. Today we are going to take a look at one of the newer additions to 365bet’s repertoire of holdings: vegas.

lots of slots to choose from

What Is 365bet Vegas?

Vegas is the newest addition to selections from 365bet. It is a new virtual casino with nearly 60 different games to choose from. This includes premium slot machines and video slot machines, table and card games, and arcade games. All 60 games are found in the new easy to use app, available on both android and apple devices (like the iPhone and iPad).


Why is the Vegas app popular?

When it comes to why the Vegas app is popular, it’s really not that complicated. First off, it’s created by 365bet. Not only are they a trustworthy company with more than 10 years of experience in the online gambling community, but they also have a huge user base already. By allowing this large user base to send cash from one part of 365bet to another part (like from poker to Vegas), they have enabled a large and thriving new app through this self-promotion.


Like a snowball and the way it grows rolling downhill, the Vegas app has taken off. With a wide selection of slots, card and arcade games, 365bet have created a betting app that has appeal to many different interests.


If this sounds like something that you are interested in yourself, keep reading to read all about the different betting games available.


Slot Machines and Video Slot Machines

When it comes to simple casino games, none is more simple than the humble slot machine. A slot machine is a machine that has reels with pictures and a lever. First, you insert a coin to bet, then you pull the lever, and the reels begin spinning. When stopped, if the pictures on the reels correspond with a winning pattern, then the operator wins coins based on their bet.


On the new Vegas app from 365bet, these slot machines are virtual slot machines. Simply click the button and the reels start spinning virtually. In total, there are 36 different slot machine games you can play on the Vegas app. This includes classically themed reels like Scarface, Frankenstein, and Robin Hood.


Slot machines are held in high regard for their simplicity and often low cost. A user can sit down at a penny slot machine with $20 and have a few hours of entertainment on the cheap. People often like to drink when gambling, and I would have to think that it is easier to play slots while drunk than poker while drunk!


Table and Card Games

If slots aren’t your style of play, then maybe a few of the table and card games available on 365bet’s new Vegas app are more your speed. A table and card game is just as the name says: a card game that is held at a table. Or in our case, at a virtual table.


The Vegas app has a total of 10 of these so called table and card games. Many of the classics are available including Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, and French Roulette. Don’t worry, just because these are table games doesn’t mean that the stakes aren’t reasonable. Simply sit down at a low stakes game and enjoy spending a few hours for the price of dinner and a movie.


Arcade Games

If card games and slots aren’t for you, perhaps you are interested in arcade style games. Rather than playing a card game or clicking a slot machine, you play arcade video games that can net you cash if you are good enough.


In total, the Vegas app from 365bet has 10 arcade games to pick from. This includes games like Space Wars, Ace, and Alien Robots. Two of these games, Bonus Keno and Mega Joker, have progressive jackpots. That means the potential for some real cash for just playing video games!


365bet Vegas Overview

As with most products coming from 365bet’s universe of betting games and services, Vegas is a top notch service. Offering a fun vegas theme packaged with not only the usual card games but also adding in some unusual arcade and slot machines.


First off, the app itself is clean and smooth. It’s clear from the start that a decent budget allowed for the programmers to take their time perfecting different aspects of the app to ensure a smooth user experience. And that does not mean that you need a brand new high-end tablet or phone to run the apps. The Vegas app from 365bet works on most android and apple devices, even the old ones in your junk drawer. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection or even an older 3G hookup, you will be able to connect and play with others without problems.


As far as the games go, we like the selection but would like to see more table and card games. As it stands now, only 10 of the nearly 60 games available are table and card games. The rest are slot and arcade machines. Don’t get me wrong, we like slots and arcade games too, but the lack of card games is obvious, especially considering that many of the arcade games are really just slot machines in disguise.


Final Verdict

The app is a pleasure to use, there are adequate games to play and bet on, and there are always new user promotions running to make it doubly worth giving the app a shot. Although there are a few things we would add, like more card games, we can safely say that it is a complete product as is. At the end of the day, we give the Vegas app from 365bet two thumbs up.


365bet Poker Review

When it comes to premier betting services, 365bet is one of the best. Although started in the United Kingdom, 365bet is available in many countries around the globe via the internet. Available betting includes sports and sporting events, as well as a variety of virtual games like the one we are going to focus on today: internet poker.


What is Internet Poker?

Poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet. From grandmothers and grandsons playing at the kitchen table with dimes and pennies to high rollers playing in private games for stacks of cash that most will never see in a lifetime. Poker is a game that connects people from all walks of course. In fact, almost everyone knows how to play poker.


If you are not already familiar, poker is a simple card game with one dealer and several players. The dealer does not play, and each player sitting at the table is playing against each other. The dealer controls the game, handing out each player a set number of cards, as well a number of communal cards in the middle. Depending on the variant of poker, there are a different number of cards and specific betting rules, as is the case with what is called no-limit poker. A series of betting rounds take place until the final cards are revealed.


365bet has created an app that is a virtual poker room via the internet, hence the term internet poker. If you’re interested in playing internet poker, then you must continue reading to read our review of 365bet’s poker program and poker app.


Why Internet Poker Is Popular

Poker is not a new game but has recently gained a lot of popularity in recent years. You can often find poker even on TV on stations like NBC Sports and ESPN. Why? Because poker is fun and a great game to play. Unlike most casino games, in poker, you play against other people, not the casino. They do say “the house always wins”, but luckily we don’t have to play against them! When it comes to internet poker, there are several advantages.


If you sit down and play at the card room, it is a safety issue for people to know who you are and see you walk away with money. For all you know they may decide to follow you home!


For some, safety is not the issue, but anxiety is. Some people do not know what is known as a “poker face”, and give their opponents clues. This is disadvantageous and is the type of thing that internet poker eliminates.


And of course, we cannot forget about the ease of access. Some people may not live in a place where card rooms are easily found, and other may just want to play from their iPad on the couch in their underwear. No matter your reason, it cannot be denied that being able to play at home makes poker accessible to everyone.


Poker on 365bet

First off, we need to see if 365bet is a trustworthy company. 365bet started in 2006 in the United Kingdom. Since then, they have grown and expanded into hundreds of different games and events that you are able to bet on. Internet poker is one of their most popular games played.


To access the virtual card rooms created by 365bet, you must first download their program on your computer or the mobile app for android or iPhone/iPad. Here a tip: for those who don’t know, you can also play without downloading the app when using an iPad or iPhone by going to


Usually, when you create an account they have some type of deposit promotion for first timers only, so make sure to take advantage of that.


Depending on the type of poker you like to play, and the stakes you are looking for, you will be able to find a specific gameplay and pace that you prefer on 365bet. This includes, of course, Texas Hold’em, which is my personal favorite.


365bet Poker Navigation

From a mobile device, download the app or visit the website. From a computer, you will download the 365bet program and install it. Once finished installing, it will also ask to download flash if you haven’t already.


Once you load the program or app, you must create an account. Then, after you create an account, you may deposit funds and start playing.


You can choose from several different styles of poker like twister, holdem, and speed, as well as the option of cash games and sit and go tournaments. Under my account, you can change settings. Under bank, you can access your funds and deposit more.


Sit and Go tourneys are 6 to 18 player tournaments which begin when full. The buy-ins are priced anywhere from .10 to 50 euro.


Twister is priced from 1 euro to 50 euro, but the price pool can be as large as 50,000 euro. If you haven’t ever tried it, you definitely give it a shot.


Final Verdict

For both seasoned vets and newbies alike, 365bet offers a great internet poker experience. One cool part about 365bet is that you are able to transfer funds between their different online games. So perhaps you win in poker, but like UFC, you can transfer the funds and use them without having to deposit anymore.


Depending on how much time you have, how fast you want to play, and how much (or little) you want to spend, you can find yourself a poker game well suited to you on 365bet.


Download the program or one of the apps today and get started playing one of the most fun betting games on earth with a chance to win real money. Don’t forget, in poker, you play against the other players, not the house, so many people do win.


If you’re going to play a game in a casino, this is the one to do it. If you’re going to poker, then play online. And, of course, if you’re going to play internet poker, use 365bet (because we actually liked it).


365bet Casino Review

You know that this hand is going to be yours and you can feel the next card coming. The river card is finally revealed: it is a 5.

lots of games including roulette and blackjack

The good part? You are already holding a pair of 5s, so now you’ve got a set. The bad part? You don’t know (exactly) what the guy across the table of holding, but you suspect he’s on a straight draw and bluffing. He, the only other person left in the hand, pauses before pushing all of his chips and goes all in. Without blinking, you call, and you win.


It is 2 am and another hand won, another $500 banked. Yet, you’re in your underwear. How is that possible? 365bet is how.


What is 365bet?

365bet is one of the most popular internet gambling websites to date. Created in 2006 in the UK, it has since become the number one online betting umbrella companies. I say umbrella because included under the 365bet name are services from slots, to poker, to sporting events and more.


In the old days, if you liked poker, you visited a poker website. If you liked blackjack, you went to a blackjack website. And so on and so forth. Today, things are different. Companies are popping up and developing websites and apps with hundreds of different styles of betting games. 365bet is one of those companies.


What is 365bet Casino?

Within the family of 365bet betting games and services is the 365bet Casino. This is where you will find the Live Dealer Games, Card Games, Games and Keno, Slot Games, Bingo, Video Poker,  Financials, Jackpots, and Table Games.


The truth is, there are far too many types of games available at 365bet’s Casino to cover in one article, so we will do an overview of the entire site casino, as well as focus in on a few particular areas that we like. One particular section we will cover is live dealer tables due to its uniqueness in the internet gambling community.


Why is 365bet Casino Popular?

It is not surprising to find out the 365bet’s Casino is very popular. A lot of different types of games, including games with real live dealers, are available all in one place. Normally in poker rooms, you find poker players. The same is true for other types of games. 365bet has flipped the script and offered a literal virtual casino with a wide variety of games to bet on.


What is 365bet Live Dealer Tables?

Have you ever played internet poker, for example, and thought that it was great but it was just missing something? When you sit at a live table, there is just something that is hard to put your finger on. Perhaps it is sitting around the table, or perhaps it is the live dealers. As luck would have it, both of the issues are solved with the Live Dealer Tables available at the casino.


First off, a real life dealer is positioned on camera at a table. Sometimes actual live players are there as well, but mostly it is an empty table with a dealer. Depending on the game, the dealer will spin something or hand around cards. This is done all the while you have a seat at an actual chair on the table, with a camera positioned for you in some cases.


This adds a unique angle to the crazy world of internet gambling. I have not seen this done anywhere else before or since. Not only are you playing at a “live” table, but you can also interact with your dealer, and even offer them tips. it is a great way to feel a little bit more like you are at a casino and not on your couch (even though you are on the couch!)


Why Play Live Dealer Games?

For me personally, I love the interaction of gambling and talking to a dealer. it is a fun situation where you are trying to win, and the dealer is rooting you on (after all, their tips often increase when you are playing well!). It replaces the cold robotic world of internet gambling with a warm greeting and a reason to stay one table for the whole night.


Also, I prefer the pace of a live game. When playing internet poker, the pace can be too fast and it can be hard to get a read on other players and their decisions. When playing internet poker at a live dealer table, the game is slowed down due to the physical dealing of the cards.


Lastly, I feel better about being able to see my cards get drawn from the pile. There is an ethereal quality of poker that is missing when the dealing is being run by software, rather than a person. it is less exciting without a dealer.


Final Verdict

The 365bet Casino is not new, but it is a classic that is continually updated. New games and features are always being added to stay a step ahead of the fierce competition that exists in the online gambling sector.


We liked not just the number of games available, but also the quality of those games. The animations are smooth, the gameplay is fair, and the selection is big. The best part of all is probably the liver dealer games. Nowhere else have I seen the ability to virtually sit at a physical table with a live dealer who is willing to interact with patrons. It is a wild and awesome idea.


We didn’t like that there could have been less slots and more live dealer games, as well as promotions for returning users and not just new users.


Our verdict is clear: 365bet is a winner. We had heard about the live dealer section and were a bit skeptical at the start, however, Casino is another great part of the 365bet family and we are not surprised to find out that it lives up to the hype. Don’t wait, download Casino from 365bet and start betting right from your computer, phone, or tablet today.


365bet Bonus Payouts

365bet is an online gambling website that offers games, sports and more. It is loaded with different bonuses that their customers can take advantage of. Below, we will go over what those bonuses are and how you can take advantage of them yourself.

365bet Bonuses for New Customers

365bet is offering their new customers a 100% deposit bonus. This is activated when a user opens a new account and deposits at least $10 or more. The 100% bonus will double this initial deposit up to $100. In order to maximize your deposit, new users should deposit $100 on their first account.

This will provide them with an additional $100 that will be released as they play. The bonus is given out in a segmented fashion. The more games are played, the more of the bonus they will be able to unlock. The reason the site does this is to prevent users from signing up, claiming their bonus and cashing out right away.

If the site is going to give you double your deposit back, it’s only fair that they ask you to play for it first. The good news is that you only have to play the games to get your deposit bonus. Even if you lose, or break even, you will still be able to unlock your deposit as you play. If you are looking for the surest way to double your money, taking advantage of 365bet’s deposit bonus is a perfect way to do that.

Accumulator Bets

One of the unique aspects of 365bet is the accumulator bets that they offer. An accumulator bet is another term that the site uses for a parlay bet. These bets allow you to combine all of your pics into one all or nothing wager. If all of the wagers hit, the payouts will be huge.

To use an accumulator bet, simply select all of your bets individually. Once you are ready, you can place an additional bet as an accumulator. This option will allow you to keep all of your single bets individually. Once they are set, you can place an additional bet that incorporates all of your pics in a parlay.

To use an accumulator bet, simply select the individual bets in the sport that you would like to wager on. Confirm that and you will have the option to place the additional accumulator bet on top of that. Look for the specific phrase that pertains to the accumulator bet. For example, if you are making a 4-wager tennis bet, the site will display it as a “4-folds” option. The amount of “folds” is dependent on the number of individual wagers that you select for the accumulator bet.

While a lot of sportsbooks offer this type of option, 365bet takes it one step further with their accumulator bonuses. In addition to the parlay multipliers that every parlay creates, the site adds a little more on top of it. They add a 50% to 100% bonus on your accumulator bets depending on the sport. This is where the real bonus comes in for these types of bets.

The site will give you an escalating bonus depending on the number of individual bets you have in your accumulator pool. For example, a 2-way tennis bet will give you a 5% bonus. A 4-way tennis bet will give you a 10% bonus. A 10-way tennis bet will give you a 40% bonus. You can look through their promotions page to get an accurate review of all the bonuses that they offer for this type of bet.

The site offers this type of bet in several different sports including soccer, horse racing, hockey, rugby and more.

0-0 Draw Money Back Return

365bet allows you to bet on the halftime or full match score of any soccer game. When you place a score wager, they will give you a bonus safety net. If the game ends in a 0-0 tie, the site will give you your original wager back, even if you picked the wrong score.

This is a nice gesture that the site provides for their users to make up for a boring zero score draw. Even if your high score prediction isn’t working out, you can always root for the 0-0 draw so that you can recover your incorrect bet selection. The site will announce what games the bonus refund applies for so that you can make your bets accordingly.

Slot Machine Bonuses

365bet offers bonuses for more than just their sports. They also have a wide variety of video slots that will offer you tons of different bonuses. From free spins to money multipliers, there is no shortage of prizes that you will receive from their slot games.

They’re currently offering a matching bonus of up to $200 for new players that register. If you deposit at least $20 into your games account, you will receive a matching bonus of up to $200. Much like the sportsbook deposit bonus, this bonus will be released in stages. The more you play, the more of this bonus you will be able to gain access to.

Poker Bonuses

365bet offers two types of bonuses for their poker players. When you sign up with a new account and deposit at least $10, you will receive a matching bonus of up to $100. You can also receive tournament tickets that are valued at $5 each. The more you deposit, the more of these tickets you will receive. You can use these free tickets to earn real money that you can cash out with your winnings.

Bingo Bonuses

365bet’s bingo bonuses are given out in three different ways. They offer a matching first deposit of up to $100. This applies to first-time depositors that deposit at least $10. They also offer a $20 slot bonus which you can use to play their slot games, and access to $1000 in prizes.

When you register, you will receive access to their welcome party room. You will be able to access this room for seven consecutive days. This room is reserved for new players and is designed to give out bonuses. If you are a new player and hang out here to get some great bonus prizes.


If you are looking for a way to increase your earnings, bonuses are a great way to do that. There is no one that does this better than 365bet. When you sign-up, take advantage of these free bonuses to earn even more money.

Deposit Methods

365bet Deposits and Payments

365bet is one of the world’s leading online gambling sites. They offer a ton of features and bonuses to their users. One of the many benefits of the site is their payment options. They offer several different ways that you can deposit and withdraw money from your account.


365bet gives you a variety of different payment options that you can use to deposit money into your account. You can use your debit or credit card, an eWallet option, a virtual prepaid card, bank transfer or Cheque. All depositing options are free. Most payment options will be processed onto the site immediately, allowing you to deposit and play right away.

The minimum amount you can deposit using a debit card, a credit card, or eWallet is $10. The maximum amount you can deposit will depend on the platform you are using. It ranges anywhere from $1000, up to $50,000.

Credit and Debit Card Deposits

365bet accepts Visa and MasterCard for all of their credit and debit card deposits. All card deposits will happen instantaneously, whether it is your first deposit or you have made a deposit in the past. This allows you to replenish your account without having to stop playing or wait for the funds to appear in your account.

eWallet Deposits

You can deposit using your eWallet through Neteller, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, and PaySafeCard. All of these platforms will update your account instantly. The minimum deposit is $10, except for Neteller, which has a minimum deposit of $20.

Virtual Prepaid Card

If you want to make a deposit without giving any of your financial information, the best way to do that is to use a virtual prepaid card. This works just like any debit card. You simply load money are to your card and use it to deposit funds into your account.

Bank Wire and Cheque

If none of the above options work for you, you can use Bank Wire or Cheque to make a deposit. These options are not recommended because they take longer to process. They also have high minimums of $50 and $1,500. These options are only reserved for people who are not able to make a deposit using any of the above methods.

Cashing Out

To cash out at 365bet, you have several options. You can use an e-wallet, debit card, credit card, a virtual prepaid card, bank transfer, or cheque.

365bet wanted to make it as easy as possible for their customers to cash out on their winnings. This is why they offer so many withdrawal options for their users. They have low minimums and high maximums so that their users can control them no matter how high-stakes or low-stakes they play.

They don’t charge any fees, except for bank transfer in some instances. The majority of their withdrawal methods will be processed and completed within one day. Read below to find the full details of all of their withdrawal options.

Debit Card Withdrawals

365bet allows you to withdrawal using your Visa Card or MasterCard, as long as it is the same card that you made a deposit in. There are no fees to withdrawal using this method. UK users should expect their funds to be in their account in 1 to 2 business days. If you are outside of the UK, it may take up to 5 days. The minimum for a debit card withdrawal is $20, and the maximum for a debit card withdrawal is $30,000.

Credit Card Withdrawals

Credit card withdrawal works the same way as the debit card withdrawal does. It has the same minimums and maximums at $20 and $30,000. It is also free of any hidden charges. UK users should expect to receive their funds within 1 to 2 business days. People outside of the UK should expect to receive their funds between 3 and 5 business days.

eWallet Withdrawals

You can withdraw to your eWallet through Neteller or Skrill. If you did not deposit using a credit or debit card, or you would like your funds elsewhere, using eWallet is our most recommended withdrawal option.

Neteller is free to use. It is also their fastest payment option. People that use this merchant should expect to receive their funds within 1 to 4 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, and the maximum withdrawal amount is $50,000. It is the fastest and most flexible way to withdraw your funds from the site.

Skrill is also free to use. Skrill transfers will take a maximum of 24 hours to process. This payment option has the lowest minimum of $10. It has a maximum withdrawal amount of $38,000.

Once the funds are in your account, you can withdraw them using bank wire or cheque. Users also transfer their funds to a prepay MasterCard. For large withdrawals, bank wire is the recommended option to use.

Prepay Card Withdrawals

You can also use a prepaid virtual card to withdraw your funds. You can obtain a virtual EntroPay card and use it to transfer your funds to it. From there, you can spend the funds on your card as you wish. There are no fees to transfer the funds to your card. Most transfers will be completed within 24 hours. The minimum amount that you can withdrawal using this method is $75. The maximum amount you can withdrawal is $30,000.

People use prepay cards to give them an added layer of security. If you don’t want to put any of your financial information online, a prepaid card is a safe way that you can deposit and withdrawal on the site without exposing any of your sensitive information.

Bank Transfer Withdrawals

You can transfer directly to your bank using Bank Wire. The fees required for this payment option will depend on your bank. The typical bank transfer will take between 2-10 business days. The minimum amount that you can withdrawal using this method is $40. The maximum amount is $50,000.

Cheque Withdrawals

You can request a Cheque from the site. This is also free to do. This is the slowest option, taking anywhere between 5 to 28 business days. The minimum amount that you can withdrawal is $15,000. The maximum amount that you can withdrawal is $80,000.

Final Thoughts

365bet offers a wide variety of different deposit and withdrawal options that you can use to ensure that everyone that wants to play at the site is able to. Most deposit options happen instantaneously, allowing you to begin playing right away. Most withdrawal types will be processed in as little as a few days.

365bet is a company that has been around for 15 years. They have established themselves as a trustworthy company in their industry. If you are looking for safety and security, there is no better place than 365bet.


365bet Bingo

365bet is a gambling site that has grown over the past 15 years to become one of the largest in the world. They host over 19 million customers and are continuing to grow worldwide.

One of the reasons for their tremendous success is the huge variety that they offer their users. Instead of limiting themselves to sports gambling or poker tables, they offer it all. This means you can sign up for their site and enjoy any type of game you can think of.

One of the newest categories that they added to their site is bingo. Today, we are going to focus on the bingo aspect of the 365bet site.

Bingo on 365bet

In 2008, 365bet expanded its games that it offers to the users by announcing the launch of its bingo games. Immediately upon its release, it saw tremendous success. This success has resulted in a rapid expansion, which helped it become one of the most popular bingo sites in the world. They attract their customers by offering them a wide variety of different types of bingo games. They also offer a lot in deposit bonuses and a great interface.

Bingo Jackpots

365bet offers a lot to its players as far as its jackpots go. Traditional bingo is played without jackpots. 365bet kicks it up a notch. They have been known to pay out huge bingo jackpots. One user, for example, won a $1 million bonus jackpot on a 10p card.

This is just one of the many success stories that you will find from the users at 365bet winning more than they were hoping for by playing the bingo games on the site.

365bet offers multiple types of jackpots. They offer progressive jackpots, which will increase their payout amount the longer the game goes without a jackpot winner. This can result in huge multimillion dollar jackpot prizes for the players.

Bingo Game Types

Although you may consider bingo to be a straightforward game, 365bet added a lot of variations to their games. This keeps things exciting by offering players different types of games that they could play. Instead of playing the same bingo game over and over again, you can switch between each of the unique game types that they offer.

90-Ball Bingo

We will start with the most common type of bingo game. 90-ball bingo is your standard bingo game that has numbers between 1-90. Once your number is called, mark it off on your card and try to be the first to successfully complete a bingo. You can also play with multiple bingo cards at a time, increasing the chances that you win each time.

75-Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo is played the same way as 90-ball bingo is, with the exception that the games go quicker. Since the numbers are lower, one row is removed to accommodate the difference. This results in a faster game. Instead of matching six in a row, you only have to get five in a row to get a vertical bingo. If you want to be able to play more games in a limited amount of time, this is the game for you.

Lucky Numbers Bingo

They offer lucky numbers bingo, which allows you to play the game as normal, but as a bonus, it will give you an additional prize if your lucky numbers come up. This is a unique feature that gives players more ways to win than one. Even if you are behind in the round, this feature will always make it possible for you to win.

Daily Games and Specials

When you open the lobby, you will see the daily games and specials that they offer. They offer a lot of daily games that feature special jackpots. It’s a great way to take advantage of their daily specials and increased the odds that you come away with not only profits but some jackpots as well.

Themed Bingo Games

The site spices things up with their bingo games by adding themes to them. They feature themes like Monopoly, Alice in Wonderland, and their latest theme update, Deal or No Deal.

Certain bingo themes have additional bonuses tied to them. For example, the Deal or No Deal bingo allows you to win and extra game if you negotiate with the banker the right way. Again, this is just one of the many ways that the site adds more excitement to their bingo games than what you are typically used to.

Payment Methods

365bet offers a variety of different payment types. They allow you to deposit using wire transfer, Neteller e-wallet, and all major credit cards. If you deposit using your credit card or e-wallet, you will be able to start playing within minutes.

If you are not ready to deposit right away, you can also play their free games, which allow you to get used to their interface and format before you are ready to dart playing with real money.

Customer Service

365bet has been in business for over 15 years. Sites like this can’t accomplish that and continue to grow without having great customer service. This is why you can trust that your money is safe and the customer support that they provide is top-notch.

They supply customer support teams that focus on bingo, as well as the other categories on the site. They have email support and live chat to help players that have any questions in real time.


Overall, 365bet is one of the largest and best bingo sites in the world. They have a large player base that plays their bingo games on a regular basis. Their high traffic means progressive jackpots will accumulate quickly. This only means larger jackpots for you, and better service for everyone.

Because of the great features that 365bet offers in their bingo games, as well as all the other aspects that it excels in such as its casino games, and sportsbook, 365bet is a great place for players that are interested in all types of gambling forms to play together and have fun.

365bet Social

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or their latest youtube videos


365bet Sports Review

365bet is a comprehensive gambling site which you can use to bet on sports, play casino games, play bingo and more. They have been around for years and have established themselves as a trusted online gambling site.

If you are looking for a place where you can put wagers on sports, enjoy virtual casino games, or keep things simple with video slot machines, this is a strong candidate to fill the void.

Below, we are going to focus our review on the sports betting that is offered at 365. Read on to find out if this is the right site for you.

sports betting section

Sports Betting at 365bet

The 365bet site has dozens of different sports that you can bet on. They are constantly updated, showing you the latest lines for all of the upcoming competitions across the collection of sports that they offer.

Not only do they offer a wide selection of sports, they also will give you their users more than just one way to bet on a game. When you deposit onto 365bet, you will gain access to all of their money lines, point spreads, game props and more.

What Sports Do They Offer?

365bet offers all of the major and minor sports including:


  • American Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowls
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • E-Sports
  • Futsal
  • Gaelic Sports
  • Golf
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Horseracing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Motor Sports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Speedway
  • Tennis
  • UFC Fighting
  • Virtual Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Winter Sports
  • And More…

If you pull down there “More Sports” drop menu, you will see:


  • Badminton
  • Bandy
  • Floorball
  • Handball
  • Netball
  • Selling
  • Surfing
  • Table Tennis
  • Trotting


They also offer non-sports wagers on:



As you can see, you can find betting options on virtually any type of sport at 365bet. This is why it is so popular among users. It’s the perfect’s platform to use if you have an interest in placing wagers on more than the main sports.

Major Sports Offered at 365bet

365bet offers wagering in all of the most popular sports, both in the USA and worldwide. You will find a wide selection of betting options in the four major US sports including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. College sports are also offered on the site. For international users, you will find no shortage of options within the popular sports of soccer and rugby. In addition to these major sports, they feature plenty of other popular sports including tennis, golf and much more.

Geographic and Non-Sport Wagering

If you scroll down to their “Specials” tab, you will see a list of seven different locations including the countries of Denmark, Italy, Australia, and Sweden. There is also a section for North America, the United Kingdom, and World.

These will give you access to wagers that you can place on certain non-sport related outcomes. You can find wagers that you can place on who will win elections, how the academy awards will go, and more.

These wagers will vary depending on the time of year and the location that you select. If you are looking for something to place a bet on beyond sports, this is a great section to look at.

Game and Player Prop Bets

There is more to betting than simply predicting the outcome, you can also use 365bet to place wagers on specific events in a competition, or how players will perform.

Player props, in particular, add the fantasy aspect to your wagers. If you think a certain player is going to overperform or underperform, you can take a position on that and see if your prediction is right. These types of bets allow you to bet within the game, giving you more options and more things to root for.

Live and In-Play Betting

In addition to the huge selection of sports and wager types that the site offers, they will also give you a chance to bet on a game while it is in progress. This means you can make situational bets in real time.

If you think you know what play they are going to run next, you can put some money on it. It’s a great way to stay involved in a game in a way that goes beyond what you would normally experience.

The live in-play betting feature will allow you to bet short-term on individual plays, or re-adjust the final outcome of the game. If you placed a bet on a game and it’s not going your way, this feature gives you a way to re-adjust and place new bets based on how is playing out.

Customization Options

Odds Display Options

Because of so many different bet types that they have, and the way different regions display their odds, it can get confusing trying to interpret each of the odds in a clear way. This is why they give you the option to display all of the odds in three different ways:


  • Fractional
  • Decimal
  • American


You can find this option along their top navigation row. They will instantly switch all of the odds to the selected display type, making it as easy to read as possible.

Multi-Language Support

The site is translated into 16 different languages. Since they accept players all around the world, they have adapted their site to suit a variety of different languages. You can switch the language that the site is displayed in through their language selection feature.

365bet sports on social media

Their is no doubt they have one of the biggest social media presences as well as TV coverage. Checkout the popular ray winstone TV ad

or their latest tweets

Final Verdict

There are a lot of sportsbook sites out there. Many of them, however, are limited. If you are looking for a trusted sportsbook that will allow you to bet on all of the major and minor sports, we highly recommend 365bet.

The site not only gives you access to virtually any type of sport that you could think of betting on, it also allows you to bet on game and player props, and live in-play betting.

It is the perfect site to join for any gambling enthusiast that enjoys watching more than one sport at a time. This does not even mention all of the other features they have including their casino games, virtual slot machines, and poker games.

Inplay Betting

365bet it is a UK based sportsbook and virtual online casino that gives the user a real casino experience on a virtual platform. They offer a huge variety of sports, virtual games, and casino table games for all of their account holders.
One of their most exciting features is the in-play wagering that they offer. It’s an exciting feature that adds a lot to any game you are watching. It’s perfect for anyone from the savvy analyst who has a beat on how each game is going to develop as they are watching it, to the part-time casual sports fan who wants to add excitement to their viewing experience.
No matter where you fall in this, you will find a lot of enjoyment and maybe even some winnings with the in-play wagering feature that 365bet offers. Below, we are going to review the 365bet site from the sportsbook side of things, in particular, its in-play betting future.

What is Live In-Play Betting?

Before we dive into this review, we want to clean things up. Many people are not familiar with what live in-play betting is. If you haven’t tried it before, you are in for a treat.
In-play betting is a wager that can be placed while the competition is in progress. This means you can continue to place bets on the game, even after it has started. It’s a great counter to those that are tired of making bets, only to find out that they won or lost before it even ends.
How often do you make a bet and find your team down by an insurmountable amount before halftime comes? In-play betting solves this for you. When you have in-play betting, you always have more things to bet on.
Whether you are placing a wager on what the next play will be, or the new money line after the home team has gone up 20 -0 nothing, live in-play betting will always give you something to cheer about and more money to make.

Why in-Play Betting is Gaining Popularity

There are many reasons why people love in-play betting. For one, it creates fast action on your bets. Make small bets one by one and within minutes, you will be on to the next. It can give you something new to cheer for constantly.
People also love the advantages that in-play betting gives over traditional betting. For instance, in-play betting allows you to analyze the situation before you place your bet. It’s one thing to analyze a game before it happens, but as we all know, sports never work out how people most expect them to. This is the beauty of in-play betting. It gives you a chance to see how the game is progressing and allows you to take a position from there.

In-Play Betting on 365bet

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of in-play betting, we want to talk about how 365bet implements that. 365bet is one of our favorite sites because of how many in-play betting games they offer.
They have been around since 2006, and since then, they have grown their network to become one of the most popular sportsbook sites online.
Since they have such a large user base, they can offer more live in-play wagers than other sites. Since they know they will always get action on their in-play bets, they have the incentive to offer their users more games that have this option.
This is important because not all games have live wagering available. Some smaller sites that offer this feature may only do it for the occasional big matchup. 365bet does this, and they take it a step further.
They offer in-play betting for all of the major events, as well as many of the minor competitions. The main takeaway here is that you always have multiple games across all sports to place live in-play wagers on. If you enjoy placing these types of bets, this site is perfect for you.

How Will I Know What Games will be Available for This?

365bet will announce all of their in-play games. They will also advertise them beforehand. If you want to know if a specific competition is going to have in-play betting, simply navigate to their in-play page and you will see all of the existing and upcoming games that are available for this type of betting.
You can sort through different sports to see what types of live bets are available at any given moment. The games will be sorted based on when they are going to end. Scroll down to the bottom to see upcoming games that have not started. Look at the top to see games that are already in progress.

In-Play Betting Navigation

When you open the in-play page, you will land on the overview section. This is where you will be able to sort by sport and see the existing and upcoming games. You can also use the top navigation bar to sort between this page, the event you page, and the schedule page.
These three pages give you a different way to get a quick glance at all of the existing and upcoming events. The overview page gives you a full view on a game by game basis.
The event page has a left column that you can sort through each game. You can select a specific game and it will display more details in the right panel. The event view is a better option to focus on specific games and matchups.
If you want to see the full picture of what is coming up, open the schedule tab. This will show you the full list of games and the start time for each one. It’s a good tool to use to help you plan ahead with your in-play betting.

Final Verdict

365bet is one of the best live in-play betting sportsbooks that we have come across. They have more events available for in- play betting than other sites that we have reviewed. If you are interested in in-play betting, or you want to try it out, we recommend 365bet to everyone.


365bet is a gambling site that is loaded with different game types and features. Aside from the variety of sports that you can wager on, it’s in play feature, which allows you to bet on while games while they are happening, it’s casino and poker games, and is popular bingo section, it also offers a huge selection of virtual games that you can play – and that’s what we are going to focus our review on today. Read more to find out if the 365bet games are right for you.

When you open the games page, you will arrive at the games homepage. The first thing you will notice is there featured games and slider. 365bet will feature their new and most exciting games, as well as some of their biggest giveaways here. If you are a frequent visitor to 365bet, you will find a lot of their most exciting offers here.

Right below it, you will be able to sort their games by most played, newest, highest rated, largest jackpot, and their slot giveaways. This gives you quick access to the best games the site has to offer. If you are looking for some great gains in these categories, this is the place that you will find them

screenshot of the 365bet games homepage

Featured Games

365bet has a list of featured games which include Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Multi-Hand Blackjack, European Roulette, and a few of our favorite slot games on the site. These games all come highly recommended. 365bet reserves only their most exciting games for this list. You can look through all of the gains by clicking the “View All Featured” option.

Premium Slots

They feature their premium slot games including Big Wheel and Jackpot Time, which has a total jackpot of over $5.5 million. It also has other premium slot games when you click the “View All” option, including FireWorks, which has over 30,000 total plays, making it one of the favorite games on the site.

Bonus Slots

Their bonus slot games will give you plenty of payouts beyond what you would typically expect from an online slot game. These bonus slots will allow you to earn bonus winnings and additional spins, which you can then parlay into even more winnings and jackpot chances.
The bonus slot games are great for those looking for more than your typical virtual slot game. You can view all of the bonus slot games by selecting the “View All Bonus Slots” option.


Video Slots

If you want the largest library to choose from, the video slots section at 365bet has everything you could ask for and more. In total, they have nearly 150 different video slot games. They continue to add more, which makes this a never ending supply of new and exciting video slot games. You can see all of their video slot games by selecting the “view all” option.

Table Games

If you are looking for a change of pace from all of their video slot games, you can move on to the table games section. Here, they have a variety of different video card games and roulette. They have Live Roulette, Premium European Roulette, and they have multiple types of blackjack including Multi-Hand Blackjack and Live Blackjack.
They also have a variety of other games including Casino Texas Hold‘em, Craps, Baccarat, Tequila Poker, and more. As you can see, this is a great source of table games. 365bet has all of the table games you could ask for in addition to the hundreds of virtual slot games that they already offer.
To top things off, their live games, including Casino Hold‘em, Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, and Baccarat all feature beautiful virtual dealers. These dealers will interact with you as you play each hand and rack up your winnings.


Their arcade section features a wide variety of unique game types. Many people are attracted to their virtual horse races and virtual dog races. Users have a lot of fun placing their bets and rooting for them as they race against one another. They also have Keno, another user favorite, to go along with the other arcade games that they future.


Their jackpot section displays each of the slot games that offers a jackpot. You can focus on these games to chase after those big time winnings. Most of the jackpots are already over $100,000. You will also find jackpots into the millions. You can view all of their slot games that feature big-time jackpots like this by selecting the “View All Jackpots” option.

Other Features

Though the strength of 365bet is the sheer volume of unique game types that they offer, it’s not the only thing that they bring to the table. They also have a few other features that we really liked.

Live Play Counter

Each game features a plate counter which tracks the amount times they have been played by all of the users combined. This is a nifty tool that will help you see what everyone is playing. Some games are new, and others have been around for a while. You will see new games that have play counts in the low hundreds, and longtime favorites that have over tens of thousands of plays.
User Ratings
Each game has a five-star rating system in which users can use to rate their experience playing each of the games. When you mouse over the game, it will pull up the average rating that users gave the game. You can use this rating and the live play counter to find the best games on the site.

Available in Multiple Languages

The site is translated into 18 different languages to ensure that people around the world will be able to use it, no matter what your native language is. You can find the language translations along the top navigation bar to the right.
Final Thoughts
Overall, the 365bet game page has a lot to offer. It has everything you could need thanks to its wide variety of games and game types. Between the hundreds of slot games that it features, its high jackpots, and its table and arcade games, there is no end to its entertainment value.

365bet has a big social media and TV presence. Checkout their popular TV ad

checkout their latest tweets