365bet Vegas Review

365bet is a large internet gambling corporation founded in the United Kingdom in 2006. If you are looking to bet online, then you can be sure that 365bet has a game for you. 365bet is now an umbrella company that houses hundreds of casino games, apps, and betting services. Today we are going to take a look at one of the newer additions to 365bet’s repertoire of holdings: vegas.

lots of slots to choose from

What Is 365bet Vegas?

Vegas is the newest addition to selections from 365bet. It is a new virtual casino with nearly 60 different games to choose from. This includes premium slot machines and video slot machines, table and card games, and arcade games. All 60 games are found in the new easy to use app, available on both android and apple devices (like the iPhone and iPad).


Why is the Vegas app popular?

When it comes to why the Vegas app is popular, it’s really not that complicated. First off, it’s created by 365bet. Not only are they a trustworthy company with more than 10 years of experience in the online gambling community, but they also have a huge user base already. By allowing this large user base to send cash from one part of 365bet to another part (like from poker to Vegas), they have enabled a large and thriving new app through this self-promotion.


Like a snowball and the way it grows rolling downhill, the Vegas app has taken off. With a wide selection of slots, card and arcade games, 365bet have created a betting app that has appeal to many different interests.


If this sounds like something that you are interested in yourself, keep reading to read all about the different betting games available.


Slot Machines and Video Slot Machines

When it comes to simple casino games, none is more simple than the humble slot machine. A slot machine is a machine that has reels with pictures and a lever. First, you insert a coin to bet, then you pull the lever, and the reels begin spinning. When stopped, if the pictures on the reels correspond with a winning pattern, then the operator wins coins based on their bet.


On the new Vegas app from 365bet, these slot machines are virtual slot machines. Simply click the button and the reels start spinning virtually. In total, there are 36 different slot machine games you can play on the Vegas app. This includes classically themed reels like Scarface, Frankenstein, and Robin Hood.


Slot machines are held in high regard for their simplicity and often low cost. A user can sit down at a penny slot machine with $20 and have a few hours of entertainment on the cheap. People often like to drink when gambling, and I would have to think that it is easier to play slots while drunk than poker while drunk!


Table and Card Games

If slots aren’t your style of play, then maybe a few of the table and card games available on 365bet’s new Vegas app are more your speed. A table and card game is just as the name says: a card game that is held at a table. Or in our case, at a virtual table.


The Vegas app has a total of 10 of these so called table and card games. Many of the classics are available including Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, and French Roulette. Don’t worry, just because these are table games doesn’t mean that the stakes aren’t reasonable. Simply sit down at a low stakes game and enjoy spending a few hours for the price of dinner and a movie.


Arcade Games

If card games and slots aren’t for you, perhaps you are interested in arcade style games. Rather than playing a card game or clicking a slot machine, you play arcade video games that can net you cash if you are good enough.


In total, the Vegas app from 365bet has 10 arcade games to pick from. This includes games like Space Wars, Ace, and Alien Robots. Two of these games, Bonus Keno and Mega Joker, have progressive jackpots. That means the potential for some real cash for just playing video games!


365bet Vegas Overview

As with most products coming from 365bet’s universe of betting games and services, Vegas is a top notch service. Offering a fun vegas theme packaged with not only the usual card games but also adding in some unusual arcade and slot machines.


First off, the app itself is clean and smooth. It’s clear from the start that a decent budget allowed for the programmers to take their time perfecting different aspects of the app to ensure a smooth user experience. And that does not mean that you need a brand new high-end tablet or phone to run the apps. The Vegas app from 365bet works on most android and apple devices, even the old ones in your junk drawer. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection or even an older 3G hookup, you will be able to connect and play with others without problems.


As far as the games go, we like the selection but would like to see more table and card games. As it stands now, only 10 of the nearly 60 games available are table and card games. The rest are slot and arcade machines. Don’t get me wrong, we like slots and arcade games too, but the lack of card games is obvious, especially considering that many of the arcade games are really just slot machines in disguise.


Final Verdict

The app is a pleasure to use, there are adequate games to play and bet on, and there are always new user promotions running to make it doubly worth giving the app a shot. Although there are a few things we would add, like more card games, we can safely say that it is a complete product as is. At the end of the day, we give the Vegas app from 365bet two thumbs up.

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