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365bet it is a UK based sportsbook and virtual online casino that gives the user a real casino experience on a virtual platform. They offer a huge variety of sports, virtual games, and casino table games for all of their account holders.
One of their most exciting features is the in-play wagering that they offer. It’s an exciting feature that adds a lot to any game you are watching. It’s perfect for anyone from the savvy analyst who has a beat on how each game is going to develop as they are watching it, to the part-time casual sports fan who wants to add excitement to their viewing experience.
No matter where you fall in this, you will find a lot of enjoyment and maybe even some winnings with the in-play wagering feature that 365bet offers. Below, we are going to review the 365bet site from the sportsbook side of things, in particular, its in-play betting future.

What is Live In-Play Betting?

Before we dive into this review, we want to clean things up. Many people are not familiar with what live in-play betting is. If you haven’t tried it before, you are in for a treat.
In-play betting is a wager that can be placed while the competition is in progress. This means you can continue to place bets on the game, even after it has started. It’s a great counter to those that are tired of making bets, only to find out that they won or lost before it even ends.
How often do you make a bet and find your team down by an insurmountable amount before halftime comes? In-play betting solves this for you. When you have in-play betting, you always have more things to bet on.
Whether you are placing a wager on what the next play will be, or the new money line after the home team has gone up 20 -0 nothing, live in-play betting will always give you something to cheer about and more money to make.

Why in-Play Betting is Gaining Popularity

There are many reasons why people love in-play betting. For one, it creates fast action on your bets. Make small bets one by one and within minutes, you will be on to the next. It can give you something new to cheer for constantly.
People also love the advantages that in-play betting gives over traditional betting. For instance, in-play betting allows you to analyze the situation before you place your bet. It’s one thing to analyze a game before it happens, but as we all know, sports never work out how people most expect them to. This is the beauty of in-play betting. It gives you a chance to see how the game is progressing and allows you to take a position from there.

In-Play Betting on 365bet

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of in-play betting, we want to talk about how 365bet implements that. 365bet is one of our favorite sites because of how many in-play betting games they offer.
They have been around since 2006, and since then, they have grown their network to become one of the most popular sportsbook sites online.
Since they have such a large user base, they can offer more live in-play wagers than other sites. Since they know they will always get action on their in-play bets, they have the incentive to offer their users more games that have this option.
This is important because not all games have live wagering available. Some smaller sites that offer this feature may only do it for the occasional big matchup. 365bet does this, and they take it a step further.
They offer in-play betting for all of the major events, as well as many of the minor competitions. The main takeaway here is that you always have multiple games across all sports to place live in-play wagers on. If you enjoy placing these types of bets, this site is perfect for you.

How Will I Know What Games will be Available for This?

365bet will announce all of their in-play games. They will also advertise them beforehand. If you want to know if a specific competition is going to have in-play betting, simply navigate to their in-play page and you will see all of the existing and upcoming games that are available for this type of betting.
You can sort through different sports to see what types of live bets are available at any given moment. The games will be sorted based on when they are going to end. Scroll down to the bottom to see upcoming games that have not started. Look at the top to see games that are already in progress.

In-Play Betting Navigation

When you open the in-play page, you will land on the overview section. This is where you will be able to sort by sport and see the existing and upcoming games. You can also use the top navigation bar to sort between this page, the event you page, and the schedule page.
These three pages give you a different way to get a quick glance at all of the existing and upcoming events. The overview page gives you a full view on a game by game basis.
The event page has a left column that you can sort through each game. You can select a specific game and it will display more details in the right panel. The event view is a better option to focus on specific games and matchups.
If you want to see the full picture of what is coming up, open the schedule tab. This will show you the full list of games and the start time for each one. It’s a good tool to use to help you plan ahead with your in-play betting.

Final Verdict

365bet is one of the best live in-play betting sportsbooks that we have come across. They have more events available for in- play betting than other sites that we have reviewed. If you are interested in in-play betting, or you want to try it out, we recommend 365bet to everyone.

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