365bet Casino Review

You know that this hand is going to be yours and you can feel the next card coming. The river card is finally revealed: it is a 5.

lots of games including roulette and blackjack

The good part? You are already holding a pair of 5s, so now you’ve got a set. The bad part? You don’t know (exactly) what the guy across the table of holding, but you suspect he’s on a straight draw and bluffing. He, the only other person left in the hand, pauses before pushing all of his chips and goes all in. Without blinking, you call, and you win.


It is 2 am and another hand won, another $500 banked. Yet, you’re in your underwear. How is that possible? 365bet is how.


What is 365bet?

365bet is one of the most popular internet gambling websites to date. Created in 2006 in the UK, it has since become the number one online betting umbrella companies. I say umbrella because included under the 365bet name are services from slots, to poker, to sporting events and more.


In the old days, if you liked poker, you visited a poker website. If you liked blackjack, you went to a blackjack website. And so on and so forth. Today, things are different. Companies are popping up and developing websites and apps with hundreds of different styles of betting games. 365bet is one of those companies.


What is 365bet Casino?

Within the family of 365bet betting games and services is the 365bet Casino. This is where you will find the Live Dealer Games, Card Games, Games and Keno, Slot Games, Bingo, Video Poker,  Financials, Jackpots, and Table Games.


The truth is, there are far too many types of games available at 365bet’s Casino to cover in one article, so we will do an overview of the entire site casino, as well as focus in on a few particular areas that we like. One particular section we will cover is live dealer tables due to its uniqueness in the internet gambling community.


Why is 365bet Casino Popular?

It is not surprising to find out the 365bet’s Casino is very popular. A lot of different types of games, including games with real live dealers, are available all in one place. Normally in poker rooms, you find poker players. The same is true for other types of games. 365bet has flipped the script and offered a literal virtual casino with a wide variety of games to bet on.


What is 365bet Live Dealer Tables?

Have you ever played internet poker, for example, and thought that it was great but it was just missing something? When you sit at a live table, there is just something that is hard to put your finger on. Perhaps it is sitting around the table, or perhaps it is the live dealers. As luck would have it, both of the issues are solved with the Live Dealer Tables available at the casino.


First off, a real life dealer is positioned on camera at a table. Sometimes actual live players are there as well, but mostly it is an empty table with a dealer. Depending on the game, the dealer will spin something or hand around cards. This is done all the while you have a seat at an actual chair on the table, with a camera positioned for you in some cases.


This adds a unique angle to the crazy world of internet gambling. I have not seen this done anywhere else before or since. Not only are you playing at a “live” table, but you can also interact with your dealer, and even offer them tips. it is a great way to feel a little bit more like you are at a casino and not on your couch (even though you are on the couch!)


Why Play Live Dealer Games?

For me personally, I love the interaction of gambling and talking to a dealer. it is a fun situation where you are trying to win, and the dealer is rooting you on (after all, their tips often increase when you are playing well!). It replaces the cold robotic world of internet gambling with a warm greeting and a reason to stay one table for the whole night.


Also, I prefer the pace of a live game. When playing internet poker, the pace can be too fast and it can be hard to get a read on other players and their decisions. When playing internet poker at a live dealer table, the game is slowed down due to the physical dealing of the cards.


Lastly, I feel better about being able to see my cards get drawn from the pile. There is an ethereal quality of poker that is missing when the dealing is being run by software, rather than a person. it is less exciting without a dealer.


Final Verdict

The 365bet Casino is not new, but it is a classic that is continually updated. New games and features are always being added to stay a step ahead of the fierce competition that exists in the online gambling sector.


We liked not just the number of games available, but also the quality of those games. The animations are smooth, the gameplay is fair, and the selection is big. The best part of all is probably the liver dealer games. Nowhere else have I seen the ability to virtually sit at a physical table with a live dealer who is willing to interact with patrons. It is a wild and awesome idea.


We didn’t like that there could have been less slots and more live dealer games, as well as promotions for returning users and not just new users.


Our verdict is clear: 365bet is a winner. We had heard about the live dealer section and were a bit skeptical at the start, however, Casino is another great part of the 365bet family and we are not surprised to find out that it lives up to the hype. Don’t wait, download Casino from 365bet and start betting right from your computer, phone, or tablet today.

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